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    Jessie Ware - Free Yourself (and album 5)

    Yep, issa bop.
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    Sugababes™ - Hoopla, Glastonbury, UK Tour etc.

    Having Flatline back on Spotify has been such a blessing this month.
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    Tennis 2022

    Not BOULTER :zombie:
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    Tennis 2022

    Oh, yeah, I've talked to her 2-3 times and she is SUPER deer in headlights. Nice but very shy. (But, the drama continues, bless. She's probably earnest but it comes across as super shady. 🤗 )
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    Tennis 2022

    A camp DELIGHT :disco: The "we talked it out" follow-up this morning was ALMOST as good.
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    Oh Thursday My Lionheart

    So excited for your voice to drop an OCTAVE come tomorrow evening (get better soon x).
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    Oh Thursday My Lionheart

    @Kate TO STEP ON ME PLEASE :disco: How are you and Mandy doing @Rachey ?
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    The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip 2

    SCREAM. She really is the Ostapenko of Housewives.
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    Oh Thursday My Lionheart

    You got this. :queenofthenight:
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    Oh Thursday My Lionheart

    @Moderator to merge s'il vous plait! :hostage:
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    Oh Thursday My Lionheart

    Oh, oh Oh, oh Oh, oh (ooh) Oh, oh (ooh) Good morning, finally tested negative on day TWELVE. Fucking covid. Heading home into the mountains this afternoon.
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    Estonia 2022: Stefan - Hope

    This isn't half-bad.
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    MUNA - Anything But Me + self-titled album

    Still BINGE listening to Sometimes. What a cover.
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    Moopy Fit Club 2022

    When are you heading off to 🇪🇸 ?
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