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  • Check your emails CEC!

    OMG, I love that we're exchanging emails. Its like the early 00s again. :disco:
    :disco: :disco: :disco:

    Denkst du vielleicht g'rad an mich
    Dann singe ich ein Lied für dich
    Von 99 Luftballons
    Und dass so was von so was komm

    I KNOW. I read about that earlier this year - just BIZARRE. I love it though. Queen MYL! :D
    ( ) is absolutely gorgeous but they came up with so many other trumps over the past 2 decades. Currently cannot get enough of 'dauðalogn' from Valtari which might just be my favourite SR track these days but I do adore Kveikur, too, I really do.

    Their set at Southside was absolutely gorgeous and naturally I welled a bit up during Hoppipolla (as I always do). As far as I'm aware they'll broadcast the whole thing on TV at some point in August. Should make it on youtube afterwards and really worth a watch. It was gorgeous and felt just so right at its slot, too. 0.30am-2am.
    you CRUSH my CYNICAL heart :( one day we'll live together in a collective for aged gays, I will have picked up smoking again and you'll bring the port
    The more I listen to that piece of nonsense the less I like it. I'll stick with Norway, the Netherland and Italy. None of the rest particularly compell me to listen to them really.

    And I cannot BELIEVE you're falling for that SICKENING piece of SCHMALTZ from Mother Россия! :D
    I've never seen it. What's the title?
    So far the new year's been great. New Bowie music - what else does one need? In other news: I just started the whole graduation process today. Next six months will be HARD work. :( Anyways, it'll be over in July. Can't wait!
    it's my favourite littly comic series in German. Amusingly enough the humour is quite deadpan/british in places but it does work a treat! how are things in 2013 for you so far?
    it's true. and by "true", i mean only if it applies to me. i have no problems spreading pictures of others looking dreadfully :(
    i'll get to it, i promise. even mats has stopped asking for them... :D

    hope you're well!

    I still think it's GRAND. No, I reckon something TENNIS-RELATED is coming up next y'all!
    I bloody wish my accent was that good!
    Some people really do have too much time on their hands! :D
    Goeie vraag, 't is al een eeuwigheid dat ik Facebook nog gebruikt heb voor privé-doeleinden. Ik zou zeggen post al wat je kwijt wil standaard langs Moopy, op FB ben ik 'vriend' met zo'n bont allegaartje van mensen (familie, collega's, ex-schoolgenoten, vage kennissen, zelfs onbekenden) die niet allemaal zaken hebben met onze injokes...

    Zij die net de Original 12" mix van "What Do I Have to Do" én de dubbele editie van Light Years (now playing: Please Stay) van iTunes hebben gehaald, wensen je een fijne werkweek toe!
    Naschokken niet echt, toch niet op een Japan-niveau. Maar ik heb de voorbije week meermaals with fondness teruggedacht aan vorige zaterdag!

    Bleek trouwens achteraf dat mijn Ultratop-collega's in de Splash Zone stonden! (Op het laatste nippertje nog via via 2 tickets kunnen scoren en dan hun oorspronkelijke ticket doorverkocht aan een bevriend koppel.) Samen met al wat een beetje naam en/of faam heeft bij de Belgische platenfirma's en radiozenders en voor het mansvolk is! :bad:
    ***********GREAT MOOPY PRIZE DRAW***********
    Congratulations on being entered into the Great Moopy Prize Draw to be held this Sunday evening (20.3.2011)
    Make sure you are around for your chance to win BIG prizes!
    Isn't it the most fabulous pic ever?! Sadly shrinking it down so dramatically lessens the effect, but such a classic picture.

    Ooh Female Trouble :disco:
    OMG, she's FABULOUS. :disco: I love her.

    She's kind of a New Wave Grace Jones contemporary and Madonna precursor of sorts. She's from the "Mutant Disco"/No Wave Scene from Ze Records (annoyingly their site is down) which spawned Was (Not Was), Kid Creole, The Waitresses and The Breakfast Club.

    Her lyrics are brilliant, she's hilarious and genius. Check here and also here

    Here's some of her classics on youtube - classic cover
    Best Christmas record ever!
    Great anthem

    There's LOADS more where that came from, but she's very much an acquired taste :D
    I don't know enough about her, but I LOVE Piaf oh yes. I've been watching vintage youtubes of her recently

    Check my profile at MNation I have a Piaf related sig :disco:

    Her name is JUNE SARPONG. (Assuming you're not from the UK) she is a tv presenter who used to present the general links between teen shows, had a throaty man voice, generally acted like she was stoned, and was pretty much awesome in a rubbish kind of way. She also does lots of charity work (and the picture is actually of her receiving an MBE at Buckingham Palace because of this). She recently presented the live seance with Michael Jackson.

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