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  • You will be THRILLED to know I'm sure that we were in Underground last night. It was the FIRST time being in.

    The highlight of my night was seeing that TROLL from Azzimo coming in for a drink.
    Thanks for letting me have your login details. The mod forum is much quieter than i expected, but it was nice to see it nonetheless.
    My exam today contained TWO questions about the COB rules :o I think I only got one right. :(
    I hope your back on board with THE MINAJ after Starships :disco:

    (tbh I probably went off her slightly more than you did)
    Oh god!

    When are they going to realise that that place is NEVER going to happen? It was that DREADFUL Scene place, I hadn't been in it - the lurid PINK DOOR was enough.

    We went past the gay chippie last night, did my eyes deceive me that the good old Trophy is now at Speakeasy. I know you're not a Polo boy but it's really lacking somewhere to hear Xanadu and Sugar Walls these days.
    Oh right well Ezio was totally hot in Assassin's Creed 2.1 and 2.2 but in Revelations they've totally aged him and he's not hot at all (not as a D A D D Y either).
    :D I always see hot baldies and just think "OH COB would be loving him". You need to make me an offer I can't refuse :)
    The Moopy losers from the NORTHERN AREAS ONLY mind. I couldn't face being with those souther GLAMOUR PUSSES.
    I do love that you love Nicki Minaj. So out of character. But maybe it is for us both. With our bald heads if we both BLACK UP we might get away with it at the CONCERT OF DREAMZ!
    I just had to take a screen cap of my phone to treasure forever!

    I'm sure it is her. She's rambling on about the same shit from Twitter and has the inability to post a picture so it MUST BE.

    Add her! Add her!
    There's always Nicki Minaj's Romans Revenge… and Loving It tour to get our urban on.

    *gets pushed over by a girl called Anti'q*
    Oh I might drive down actually. I forgot I had a car. Come to Carlisle and I'll meet you at the station… behind the bins.
    I see you posted "OH GOD :o" on your own wall. I presume this was meant for me :)

    Her Facebook page - "Demi - A true dog lover".already has 1,556 likes. What I'd do to be that popular! (although not that. Maybe just cum on someones bald head).
    Oh I wasn't waiting round for for 8 hours. I'm on half-term and have far more important things to do like tell everyone about the girl in Carlisle who let a dog fuck her on cam and then it got posted all over her Facebook :o

    Yeah lets do Nicole
    Oh COB. You should have seen the baldie who served me at Kia Motors. I was proper AGOG and wanted to cum on his head.
    I hope one day to reach the dizzy heights of a Helen_S friendship :disco:

    Maybe when I've reached 10,000 posts
    Nope, but thanks for accepting! I decided that now I've passed the 1,000 posts mark I deserved to branch out to 3 friends!
    What's the best part of Roman's Revenge to turn into a ringtone?

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