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  • Replace the i with an a in your username and you’re gonna get the girls queuing round the block
    Still available to watch:
    Sorry Diddo, you asked me a question in the Thursday thread but I can't bring myself to bump it now :bad: The new job is in a print room at a university, so quite similar stuff to what I currently do but with better hours and for more money and perks :disco:

    I think I'll just communicate with you here while you're in Japan, it's the only solution to the timezone related issues. I hope it's all going well!
    It's BEEN FIXED. :evil:

    Just follow the instructions in the first three posts and ignore the MESS that follows.

    This is what happens when you try to please everybody. :D

    Are you planning on voting in the 90s Eurovision thing?

    I know it's a bit less familiar but it would be great to have your perspective.


    never even heard any of theirs! although the song in the clip does sound rather II DESU NE
    It was SOLIDARITY after your Grindr insult trauma :o

    *Ropey casio keyboard version of That's What Friends Are For kicks in*
    Hey mr full pm's hope you're starting to feel a bit better. Feel free to vent my way if its's ever any help
    I make a little involuntary noise somewhere between a laugh and 'aaw!' literally every time I see that bounce.
    Which is the better film: Den eneste ene or Lets Get Lost?

    I need more Sidse Babett Knudsen in my life.
    Damn fuck it! It seemed to be going swimmingly and I managed to upload all 2 gigs! But sendspace deleted it from their servers, what a shower of cunts. Ugh. That's fucked everything up. Oh well! I'd offer up some alternatives, but the best I can propose is the now much policed torrents or soulseek. The thread will be amazing when you get round to it!
    Ah, I missed that. A post from 2 fing weeks ago! Serves me right for never coming on. Yeah, sure.. I mean it won't do any HARM anyway and you should know this stuff. And you could even save it for a future "Diddy does"and get to know them in the interim. It's a lot to take in but needless to say I would be very interested in that thread!

    I'm just looking at sendspace just now and you can upload multiple files at a time, but I think for your convenience I'll put the rars up - unrelated albums chronologically that were used just cause they fit mediafire's limit, so check her Wiki discography obviously! The Marianne Faithfull tracks are sadly uncompressed FLACs and I didn't know how to convert them, but I think they may also be of interest in forming a complete picture of her artistry. Or something.

    They should stay up for relatively a long period but make sure you grab em fast! I shall easily be able to put these up overnight - upload speed is always dead slow compared to download.
    here's the site http://yamaka-china.co.jp/y01/chara01/index.html the company's called Yamaka. the cups are between 10-12 quid each so quite cheap! (cheaper than the ones I can get here from the Finnish company)

    eel is supposedly really good! it's protected here now because people eat so much of it :D very fat I hear. try 'unagi' on google images, looks really tasty!
    I think the thumb of rule with the Japanese to always bring a present from your own country!

    but then I'd just have to get them from the UK somehow! I think I'll be going to London later this year as well to visit a friend who's going to study at SOAS but nah... save yourself the hassle! (unless you of course literally walk into them)
    I'm not going to ask you to buy cups for you to tug around :D don't worrry, we're getting there

    sounds like strenuous trip! also lovely. I feel quite awkward on your behalf at the prospect of you being with two old prunes just nodding and bowing and smiling and not a word uttered. why did you agree to that?! :D
    just Tokyo? one from my dorm is going to that disaster area in August. well jel

    I asked a company if they ship abroad, they make the loveliest Moomin cups. I received the most polite refusal I've ever seen, I think 75% of the content in that reply were polite verbs and adverbs. I felt like replying 'thanks, cunts'
    I have to admit she didn't sing very well, but at least she looked lovely. If I wasn't Dutch I'm not sure I would have voted for her either though :( And that's 8 years. Pretty embarrassing for a country that has won 4 times.
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