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  • Apologies Jark it's NO REFLECTION ON YOU at all. It was just the most hideous person I could think of :D
    I totally get it, you're doing the right thing too. If you throw her any rope she'll use it as an excuse to crawl right back into your life (thanks Cougar Town)

    I met him through a friend actually, so no, no cruising for me. At least not now :p
    Haha, that sounds a mess. Do you think she was drunk? Or just sad?
    OK you don't flirt, that's fine. What is it you're doing then, exactly? Nothing at all? :D

    That's actually not a bad idea. I'm still thinking mid-June will fit better, though. I'm pretty sure I have some exams and shit in May. I just don't know when yet. I'm great thanks! You? How did it go with the bitch you needed to break up with?
    Jark, you truly are the striaghtest queen I have ever known.

    I hope this is good enough for you.
    My only experience with haters being dealt with is via the Hilary Duff track, and she was promptly *flushed* so we'll just IGNORE that example.

    I'll give C&S some credit...it was quite a good album to fall asleep to. Which is probably where it racked up so many plays on my iPod.
    Don't worry Jark, ignore the haters. I don't think you were here for the "blame slave" campaign in the mid-00's but if that can pass, anything can.
    hello im new to this site and im just wondering where you got the picture of rita simons, the one with the glasses on, its a cool picture and just wondered thanks
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    Pre-New Album Catfights And Spotlights Rank/Rate/Play Count

    1) No Can Do 9/10 39 Plays
    2) Side Chick 9/10 41 Plays (sorry :()
    3) Hanging On A Star 9/10 41 Plays
    4) Can We Call A Truce 9/10 30 Plays
    5) Sunday Rain 9/10 40 Plays
    6) Every Heart Broken 9/10 35 Plays
    7) Unbreakable Heart 8/10 38 Plays
    8) You On A Good Day 8/10 32 Plays
    9) Beware 7/10 26 Plays
    10) Nothing's As Good As You 7/10 24 Plays
    11) Sound Of Goodbye 6/10 24 Plays
    12) Girls 3/10 6 Plays :D :manson:
    My pleasure :D I love the stickers too, I might get a whole range printed up for future use!! xx
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