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  • I still want that Mel B extended mix. I had a look for it on iTunes but nada. :(

    "I durrrnt want yer back at aaaall!"

    Lovely to see you again this weekend BTW - obviously. Thank you for ensuring that I chose only the second-worst place in the flat to spill my guts.
    Hey Jonfesh (:disco:), I was gonna message you last year about this but you seemed to be on hiatus. I went 2c LIZA with your glowing recommendation!

    She was fucking fabulous, and not at all the trainwreck I was expecting - VERY professional and still had The Voice. I didn't recognize all the showtunes but they were great and she did stuff off her new album and "What Makes A Man"!

    Highlight was of course the Cabaret stuff. I want to see more of her cinematic endeavours now - I downloaded The Sterile Cuckoo from The Pirate Bay (RIP :grr:). I never realised she had any other Oscar nominations other than Cabaret!

    I take it you're all Vadged up and doing a Europe tour?! MDNA = life.
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    Oh I love your profile tag thing.

    When you hear the sound HOOII-DI-HOOOOO .... RUN FOR COVER MOTHERFUCKER


    This has totally inspired me to meet Beyonce by the end of OH NINE

    It's going to happen. Any stalking tips would be greatly received.

    Please don't tell me you have somehow also done Le Toya, LaTavia, Farrah and my number one fashion icon in the game QUEEN TINA :( :( :(
    You realise this makes you 2/3 now

    I'm not hating (uncover your ears girl) but even so I need to get in on your DC shit

    Even Tina Knowles sees less of these bitches than you do
    Jon I don't know why you have posted this on your own profile, but I feel it needs its own thread in the Divas forum
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