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  • I'm still waiting on that address. I just messaged Eileen to chase up!
    Thanks for the card! I've ended up being totally disorganised this year so have left it far too late to send anything out, but just wanted to say I really appreciated it :D
    Why did you try to learn Swedish? And did you end up doing so elsewhere? It doesn't make sense unless you wanted to live in Sweden, and I also thought that the tuition was free for all EU citizens, was it the housing and accommodation that got you? I can relate to that because Sweden is pretty expensive - especially for someone coming from the 3RD world. I'm studying Science in Development, very boring which fits me well. :)
    Did you have any problems in Azerbaijan? The stuff that was said in the recent morning threads have made me brick it slightly. Do you think the police corruption was less because of Eurovision?
    Did you just see that advert for JUKEBOX MEMORIES 4 at the PAVILLION after X Factor there? I'm agog... it's the Sex-sational Sixties, apparently :D
    The Frasers in Glasgow is a bit posh innit. I felt like a right glamour puss trotting around there and eventually getting felt up by the Geordie in the suit section :disco:
    For what it's worth bbz, I think it's rude that you invited people around and they are now slagging off your spread. Next time they should host :grr:
    I did NOT know that was how you pronounce your username :o

    *ignores and mentally calls you kala-BALA-ken forever more*
    Don't just say it on my wall - say it in the actual thread. I need the promo you whore :D
    "Give me Solid HarmoniE over Lady Gaga any day!"

    Well that's a sentiment we can ALL get behind :disco:
    Kala, what do you DO? I find it hard to believe someone can have that many contacts with so many NICHE artistes outside of a full-time career.
    Well it's ABOUT TIME :evil: I know you were freezing me out so you could have that slut RB as number 1.
    That Sandra Dahlberg pic is genuinely my favourite of all time.

    Were you in Paradise this year when she was doing a PA alongside Love Generation and Mimi Oh. She was BLATANTLY only there because nobody else was available, and gave this amazingly cringey speech about how her career had gone down the shitter and she never gets called to do gigs any more. Then she flashed her knickers at the crowd to absolutely NO response. It was everything I wanted from her and MORE. :D
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