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  • Are you no longer watching the Good Wife? This season is great so far, a huge improvement on the previous one.
    oh yes! quite liking this mons person
    i literally had to like her/them on fb to get the track!
    Victoria Grayson said to be COCK-A-HOOP at news of Jonk's birthday

    Sets up foundation for non-show-worthy Pomeranians in his honour :disco:

    Naturally :D Bless her, I have a feeling this one is going to run and run.

    She's even funnier on twitter. I think she's actively stalking Tooji at this point.
    I'm only 3 episodes in and we've already had the infamous talking dwarf, log lady and a proper LOL hilarious scene with Laura Palmer's mother thinking Donna was her daughter with the CHEAPEST special effect I have ever seen in my life. :D LOVING IT

    I'd forgotten about Alice Krige. I wonder if she's EVER played a likeable character in her entire career? :D Keep going anyway...
    Oh excellent, I was wondering how you were getting on! God the tattoo scene really is tense as fuck. I'd forgotten about that.

    It's a shame they dispatched Illeana Douglas' character so quickly, I loved her!

    It just keeps getting better in series 2 as well, so enjoy :disco:
    Oh bless her! :D

    I think she looks alright. Terrible hair, but she's really lost weight :o
    "Your father is dead... and my pot roast is RUINED" :D

    It is amazing, but I find that first episode quite weird whenever I go back to it now. She becomes so much more subtle and layered as it goes on. She's a bit cartoonish in those first few episodes.

    Keep me updated!
    Oh I could talk Six Feet Under until the cows come home. It's my favourite TV show ever ever ever. All the characters amazing, especially the incredible female trio of Rachel Griffiths, Frances Conroy and Lauren Ambrose.

    GET ON IT (after Muriel's Wedding)
    I might have asked you this but did you ever watch Six Feet Under? Rachel Griffiths is a total QOL. (She's also in Muriel's Wedding, and Brothers & Sisters though I never stuck with that).
    It's for your OWN BENEFIT you ingrate. :evil:

    (you'll probably hate it after all this hype I've given it... :D )
    I'm not happy about this lack of committment John. :evil: It's only 90 minutes. That's like, 2 missed episodes of NEXT TO NORMAL or SMASH or one of those godawful shows you follow.
    How on earth are they going to keep the ridiculous plot going for that long? Unless they resolve Madeline vs Emily Van Camp and just turn it into a Desperate Housewives type show. (NO SPOILERS PLS)

    Oh I forgot Game of Thrones. I know it's a predictable choice but it really is SO GOOD.

    Have you done Muriel's Wedding YET? :evil:
    Modern Family, Mad Men and Treme are my big 3 at the moment.

    I'm also considering getting The Wire for Christmas since everyone bangs on about it so much, even though the theme doesn't sound very me. (Then again neither did Treme and I LOVE that).

    I loved what I saw of Revenge but I'm terrible at keeping track of weekly shows so gave up after about 6 episodes and will invest in the box set.

    That's about all in terms of current shows.
    I've seen bits and pieces of The Good Wife, but never really committed to it. I find legal procedurals a bit dreary TBH. Christine Baranski is a definite plus though, I've watched that clip of her fabulous laugh after being outed as a lesbian many times. :disco:
    Damages was a funny one for me. I watched the first season absolutely GRIPPED from start to finish - I literally did the last 5 episodes back to back and went to bed at about 4am on a work night.

    But then I never got the urge to watch S2. I have the box set and everything.
    Oh God yeah. Poor Felicity Huffman - what a THANKLESS role. She's a total rehash of Mercedes Ruehl's character froms series 2 anyway. You could tell they were running out of ideas.

    Thankfully the last season is a big step up. The gay episode is amazing, and there's a brilliant Laurie Metcalf cameo about halfway through the season.

    What are you going to watch next?
    Haha it didn't ruin my opinion, it's just I thought you hated karaoke. Penguins lie! Are you doing anything for Halloween?
    Yeah it definitely takes a dip. Whichever season it is where Frasier sleeps with Roz is very close to shark-jumping. :(

    It still has its moments though, and Season 10 is a big step up.
    Oh God all Daphne's relatives are DREADFUL. Although the fact that each of them has a completely different accent does amuse. :D
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