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  • hello. i have seen dogtooth! twice! and you're right, it was sick and wrong and i fucking loved it!
    God knows, its one of the few Beaucoup Fish packs that I didn't listen to. In my mind, it is ALL about the Salt City Orchestra Vertical Bacon mix of Cups and nothing else.
    Just mention Grace Jones and I'm sold! I will investigate and let you know what I think of her.
    So who is this Cristina woman? I saw her a couple of times popping up in your avatar, is she a disco dolly?
    Actually, it's a quote from Caroline Seebohm, a woman I know nothing about, apparently she's a writer but doesn't even have a wikipedia entry. But it's still utterly fabulous!
    No I didn't :(

    It wasn't very convenient timing and I was going through a bit of a non-Kylie phase for a bit, of course the new album news has rectified that problem. But yeah, she went to Chicago and also Toronto, both are about five hours away from me.
    Yeah it's Kylie, from the X2008 tourbook. It always remind me of the cover for 'Muse'.
    It is indeed La Piaf.I love her expression in that photo, it's so 'her' and what her music is like really. Are you familiar with the genre? (I always asume everyone is, but perhaps you're not) Let's do a Piaf rate, you an me together! :D
    I also don't like the stereotype.

    When was the last time you through a shot put in your kilt?
    Quaker Oats

    Scott's Porage Oats taste better, but I disagree with the nationalism on the box.
    Elizabeth Montogomery from the '60s TV show "Bewitched" playing the FABULOUS witch Samantha Stephens. :disco:

    That bitch was so photogenic on camera, and the other characters on that show were epic too - the first REAL TV GHEY personality Paul Lynde was on there. :disco:

    Note - Roisin Murphy resembles Queen Montogomery (R.I.P.) alot ever since the Overpowered era.
    Oh I did not know it was a Siouxsie song but now I'm even happier I chose this username

    I like the song too, ha!
    Folky chap - got 2 of his albums, pretty good but his more recent stuff hasn't been as good, for my money. I'll check out the thread later. Cheers!
    I don't mind as long as they don't fiddle with each other's lower-lady-bits in my presence.
    And you can see my heart beating
    You can see it through my chest
    Said I'm terrified but I'm not leaving
    I know that I must pass this test
    So just pull the trigger
    Get down
    Get DOWN


    Never gonna stop... uh... uhhhhh... oh PLEASE don't STOP! ... it's gonna drive me crazy.
    You did very well in the end though, I looked at the ranking just before I switched off and you were like no.3 or something!
    not too keen on Happy Lovers United but Lifeguard On Duty is SO SO GOOD
    Put your ARMS around me
    When it gets TOO HOT we can GO OUTSIDE
    But FOR NOW just COME HERE
    Let me WHISPER in your ear

    Some things change and somethings stay the same, I guess that's the way life goes! The essential core is still the same though.

    I like the idea of taking off a year every year - it'll be The Curious Case of HeenaStar :D
    ****************STOP PRESS***************

    Thank you for voting in MOOPYRATE 13. You have been entered into the GREAT MOOPY PRIZE DRAW to be held this Sunday afternoon, 2nd Aug 2009.

    Tune in to see if you will win one of the 13 prizes available :o

    ****************STOP PRESS***************
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