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  • Yes, I've advised my housemate the same (lucky fucker is staying there for 10 weeks starting on Monday, for work :(). I'll have a think... food is usually a good option I think. I'm sure I read that if you get them practical household items it can look bad, like you're saying they don't have nice stuff.

    OK well show me what they look like and your budget, if i just run into them. Or just forget it totally :D

    apparently I'm going to be taken to a restaurant to try EEL :confused:
    If there's somewhere in central Tokyo, particularly Akihabara since I'm bound to end up there anyway, I can get them if they aren't mega-heavy. TBH most of my souvenirs are likely to be PLUSH TOYS so they won't be that heavy :D

    Yeah it'll be busy but I hope it'll be fun too. Nagoya is just one day thank god, even though my teacher says I should stay over for the full experience :p. I thought it was just meeting her mum and sister-in-law, the latter speaking some english. But no, apparently NONE OF THEM DO. :bruised: I don't want to have to revise for my holiday! Bah... but i'm doing pretty well so maybe it won't be that bad. I can't exactly say no now (oh my dad was sick, i couldn't meet up etc :eyes:). I wonder if I should bring them a present... I probably should
    Is there somewhere I can get them for you without too much buggering about? If I do that, then you can lay HENZ-GATE to rest forever, I want to be ABSOLVED

    I'm staying in Tokyo, but armed with a 1-week rail pass I'm going on an ambitious campaign, involving Kyoto, Nara, Nikko and Nagoya. The latter place I'm meeting my japanese teacher's parents who don't speak any english :D :bruised: OH GOD
    OMG didnt I say??!

    I'm sorry :( How can I make it up to you?
    You don't know how relevant 'Stay Strong' is to me as a fan of a certain person, Mats. Honest.

    But thanks.
    Quick question: How do you say "Congratulations old man" in Danish?

    I never trust Google translate.

    She was only here for five days and i stayed out of the way for the whole five :disco:, have you started reading Dance yet?
    I don' think I'm going to bother (especially since the reviews have been average at best), I'm sticking with Once Upon A Time for now and might try it if it gets better.
    It's amazing isn't it??? I think they are going to have to split the book into two parts which means part 1 will probably end with the red wedding and then "Wherever whores go" for part two :disco:
    No, he's "the head of the railway" and quite an important man. Without him the Island of Sodar would fall TO PIECES :disco:
    Not yet, i've read about one third and then stopped because i got bored with my printed copy. i shall have the real thing by the end of August and get back to it then.

    Where you at? finished ASOS?
    Why thank you, Matsy. All these years of post-Dot WATCHING but not DOING were starting to feel PERVY.
    I don't think I've ever even HAD pointed cabbage. What's the difference? I don't like tomatoes though... :(
    Hi Mats, I cannot believe I haven't seen your visitor's message earlier!

    I hope the weather in beautiful Kopenhagen is now as brilliant as it was before. Here it's also about to be spring-ish.

    Probably there is an incredible difference to the Kopenhagen we experienced a few months ago. This ice-cold wind was awful :D

    A Friend in London did pretty well at the ESC and their song is now in the i-tunes charts here :| I would have prefered LeFreak.

    Everything alright with you then, a hello from QueenB!

    PS: We were lucky Denmark didn't have passport controls in the winter. It saved time at the airport.
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