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    gosh. we are beautiful, intelligent and efficient travellers. sucks to be everyone else on here (except ameraal obviously)
    yes, but what about my body, body, mats?
    you don't want my body, body, acting like I'm not nobody
    you gon' make me go and call somebody

    jus' sayin'!
    ***********GREAT MOOPY PRIZE DRAW***********
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    Ah, that sounds lovely.

    Supper Club is the one I hear people rave about but I've not idea if it's terminally naff or still really cool. My sister's heard of it now which may or may not be a good sign. Either way, have a look at the website I reckon.

    Other than that... how about somewhere on a boat (there's a great one near the Centraal Station but the name escapes me, doh) or somewhere Indonesian, a speciality particular to the Netherlands due to our colonial history.

    besos for pesos!
    Yeah, I mean if that bitch Mariah can make it, there's absolutely no reason why I can't. That shall be my main MOTIVATION. Thanks Matsy xox
    Hello, and thank you for reading this post. You see, there is a starving little boy in Baklaliviatatlaglooshen who has no arms, no legs, no parents, and no goats. This little boy's life could be saved, because for every time you pass this on, a pin will be stuck into a Lulu voodoo doll causing the young boy much happiness.

    Please help and pass this on to 3 other Moopy posters. Lets see how far we can get this to go!
    i hope our trip to london (the movie) isn't gonna be as big a flop as the lead soundtrack single :(
    Oooh mine was off ebay. I would email them and ask them what's going on first, say you needed it by X date and it hasn't arrived. I had paid by paypal and in the end I had to raise a dispute claim with them which I won :disco:
    leif vollebeck - he is ace. don't go to klasvig and you wouldn't lie to me in paris are my favourite songs of his

    enjoy, mon cheri
    So in summary - coach direct to Bayswater Road/Notting Hill Gate, and if not, coach to Liverpool street + central line to Queensway.


    Could you pass this on to ameraal? I can't be fucked typing it out twice :D
    don't quote me but I am ALMOST certain that Stanstead has a coach service direct into central London, and stops at the end of my road on Bayswater Road/Notting Hill Gate (right by Kensington Gardens).

    It could be Luton though, so CHECK.

    If it does I would do that, because its direct and no changing, and the bus stop is ridiculously convenient.

    However if tubs are your option, Liverpool Street is fine. However, to Bayswater means you have to take the circle line to go direct... and without complicating things too much the circle line no longer goes in a circle (LOL) so you would have to change platforms at Edgware Road, which I do not recommend to ANYONE. PLatform confusion hell. You'll end up in Heathrow.

    Liverpool Street to Queensway is direct on the CENTRAL line, takes the same amount of time, and Queensway is barely 2 minutes further walk to the hotel than Bayswater. It's all very close together.
    Yes that's right!

    I assume you mean the bus stop (but even if you mean the tube it's the same answer)

    There's a airport bus stop right at the top of my road, I believe...
    no. i need too though. i was hoping to get some curls for october actually...
    and i'm recruiting an army of hot blondes to fondle me up a slope - are you up for a spot in it?
    I much prefer the lack of colours - I'm a minimalist kind of boy, so it suits me right down to the very ground.

    I wouldn't say being easy to please was my strongest suit though :D
    If it's still bothering you:

    Restore the old iTunes icon

    Haven't tried it myself as I rather like the new one.
    I just had a look on youtube and there's not a lot on there. It doesn't help that they gave themselves such a generic name for both the band and the album (though maybe that was some kind of clever marketing ploy). It's one of those albums where I genuinely love every track and happily play it through from start to finish. If I had to pick just three tracks though, I'd go with the opening salvo of "The Theory Of Everything (Part 2)", "Sequential" and "Home (Tonight)".

    There are some great mixes out there as well for "Kein Anschluss" and "Cloud Nine" (which was co-written by Martin Gore from Depeche Mode - 80s synth heaven!).

    Did you pick up A Secret Wish in the end? I've had it on non-stop for the past few weeks. I also went back to the second Propaganda album which has got some epic tracks on it too, though sadly no Claudia by that point as she had gone solo. Her Love And A Million Other Things album is another complete essential by the way...
    That would be "Victoria" from 1988, cover of The Kinks song. The house is actualy a large cake. Fun video, worth seeing in full.
    Oooh Oooh! YAY! Is it another gig that brings you BACK? And yes, we Brits are pretty fucking AWESOME. :o
    It is Propaganda indeed! If you haven't got A Secret Wish yet, I'd 100% recommend it - it's one of my favourite albums of all time. The deluxe edition is rather nice - lots of rare remixes which aren't a million miles away from the originals but complement the main album nicely. I think 2010 is its 25 year anniversary, hence the release. I can remember the Duel single coming out too... :o
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