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  • Oh mats, it would be an honour but (a) i am not in LDN this Friday, and (b) a MOOPMEET? REALLY? It looks about as much fun as a visit to church

    (hope i am wrong though. maybe like P!nk or Russ Abbott you will bring the party atmosphere)
    Oh DEAR

    Not sure about this one, she CLEARLY still hasn't CHOPPED OFF the COCK has she? :(
    Fabulous. You should add me to facebook too. In other news, I smelt Dolly's earrings on Friday. Revolting. Xx
    I have never ever heard of Jack Jaxx before. I did have Jak and Dexter, but like all games apart from the Gexes, Spice World, WWF Smackdown and quite curiously Charlie's Angels 2, i never got very far through my sheer lack of competitive streak and how easily bored i get.

    Gex3 trailer HERE:

    OMG i had forgotten how AMAZING it was. There was Pirate SHip gex and Egyptian Gex and World War 2 Gex in a TANK and racist mexican Gex on a DONKEY. And there was a busty baywatch lady you had to rescue

    I'm going to have to buy an N64 now, that sounds fabulous. I may also have to get a fucking PS3 so i can play THIS BADASS MOTHER:

    i have decided i am team mats

    is there a badge/keyring ploise?
    I am touched by your recent request of friendship.

    I'll be there for you Mats, when the rain starts to pour.
    i'm waiting for you on the 24th, we'll see aeroplane! seriously! get a ticket i'll take care of the rest
    Here is Morrissey on Desert Island Discs

    And the rare unreleased outtakes Happy Lovers United and Lifeguard On Duty which come from this bootleg

    NO. I am NOT, sadly. That line of the genetics stayed in Denmark, sadly. You have to visit the 'post a picture of yourself' thread to see, and obviously post a photo of yourself, so we can in turn judge you.
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