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    Industry (BBC Two)

    damn I've needed this
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    Books you've read in 2022

    @Suedey, new Pamuk ALERT
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    The UK: The Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson years + not very good + problematic + infected + broke the law + unimpressed party + electoral poison

    God I'm getting hot over here in this faux socialist country over that union daddy of yours
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    The Last of Us (HBO Adaptation)

    just no. still not buying Bella Ramsey as Ellie
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    Have you had Coronavirus?

    14 days and then maybe 75% (I am now at 100%, this was back in Nov 2020). I was suggested by a research unit at uni to do a smell exercise which I really think helped. I've oogle translated their guide I hope you recover soon!
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    yes, you need to watch the first seasons. highly recommend though! this new season was very interesting with the Greenlandic geopolitics but on a whole middling compared to the first run. and no Hanne Holm :(
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    Club Ghibli #14 - Grave of the Fireflies (1988)

    I'm glad you're all enjoying it 🤗
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    westworld season 3

    I was going to say almost the exact same thing. I'm super excited for some reason but also hope it'll be the last
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    Books you've read in 2022

    just read an excerpt and getting Pamuk vibes from the style :disco: will definitely suggest it
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    Books you've read in 2022

    @Beverley, is Gurnah's Paradise a difficult read? I'm considering suggesting it for book club tomorrow
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    Books you've read in 2022

    I am reading a Danish novel which I shan't bore you with I left Brothers Karamazov hanging on page 250 and will pick it up later in the year. my mind is elsewhere these summery days :eyes:
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    Books you've read in 2022

    didn't like this, sadly. his Coin Locker Babies is a much better read
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    The War in Ukraine

    I've advocated for a break out city state comprised of Copenhagen and Malmö for years but realistically, no, you're right :)
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    the red carpet thread

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    Hacks (Jean Smart HBO Max Comedy)

    Metcalf :love: @RaspberrySwirl it's available now. such a warming little show to watch, like Somebody Somewhere and Better Things
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