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  • I'm looking forward to the live performance and some hot vocals. Cherl WHO?
    I'm afraid not... I tried to exclude as much Danish music as I could. Otherwise none of you would care. If I hadn't though, S.O.A.P. would have been #1, #2 and Saseline's solo album would have been #3 :disco:
    As if I could Milky! :D

    And no, that was just in my ILL-ADVISED blonde period. I'm back to my natural LOOK now. Mr monsta has quite the OPPOSITE look from that!
    I'm very happy with the clip! I was with you 100% with the doubts though. It's a huge big 'Alcazar' logo! All the letters have got huge bulbs on them!
    OMG I had totally overlooked both. With Lou's HIGH profile at the moment, it would be the perfect opportunity to bestow a Brit upon her.

    Thank ABBA For The Music is the greatest medley ever. I'm surprised Tina Cousins hasn't been campaigning for a nomination.
    Anything to upstage the bride, is it?
    Kratz asked the same question, Bea. I will tell you the same answer: you can buy a new hat, but make sure it's couture. x
    When you warned me you were mental, I didn't think it stretched to night foot wear.
    Oh abbasolutely - I seem to have managed to miss that experience completely last year.

    So far I'm only doing the second heat for certain but hopefully that won't be the only one.
    Sorry, i'm too busy with practice on my pillows and slitting my wrists.

    You'd better watch it next time we are out, or i'll go all BETTS on your arse! ;)
    Forget cautionary tale. She is an aspiration figure.
    Someone told me that the other day :D How awesome is that :disco: I did actually have a girl at work yesterday called Starlicia!
    Just so you know, TommyS is mine, I know he's probably from Sweden or whatever so he's right up your alley, but I'm taking him
    :o OMG how odd! I hoe it wasnt a gruesome murder.
    Ok well I have been failry cold in bed the last 3 nights and I had a dream about a massive spider, although I hate spiders I wasnt too scared.
    Tonight I am going to wear socks...I shall report back!
    Yes of course! Give me the picture and tell me what direction you want it to go and we're on! We can put it on iTunes then.
    No actual way. Bennetts I presume? Do you think she will have expanded her tried and tested setlist of Electric/Lately/U Sure Do?
    It's not really a case of having to try... ;)
    just noticed this

    our common ground is always there
    together together, we r 1 :disco:
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