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  • POP!, babes, I’ve just finished a night shift and was sitting watching a TV channel dedicated to the 90s that basically shows Sabrina The Teenage Witch and Sister Sister.

    Anyway, they’re playing Born To Make You Happy between shows and I just need to ask: why on EARTH did anyone think that this song wasn’t suitable for America? I literally can’t even FATHOM how they skipped it. People out there know it, RIGHT?
    No they do NOT , believe me you. We got the despicable Dawson's Creek TRASH that is "From the Bottom of My Broken Heart" instead. I remember being quite baffled when I discovered "Born to Make You Happy" years later (I never owned BOMT, truth be told).

    HOpefully you have seen the Britney ep of Sabrina the Teenage Witch.
    I'm quite picky with my country females after Jessica Simpson's ill-advised FORAY.

    I'm all about the country men - they all sound the same, but most of the time they're ridiculously pretty. Dan+Shay (Shay is the super hot one FYI)? Nate Green (I wouldn't even bother turning the volume on for this one)?
    I am currently looning all over Luke Bryan and 'Spring Breakdown', which is my favourite song so far this year!
    Hello? Is this thing on? I just want Everyone to know POP! is a SLUT and is willing to sleep with anyone with an active Netflix account.
    Texas. I'm enrolling into an internship program to bring the magic of teaching a second language to american kids :disco:
    I'm moving to the US next year and I'll make sure to find your sorry ass and KICK IT (R&B STYLE)
    POP! has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space.
    Have you seen this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T8R6UQPWUmM

    It's official (apparently) for the release of 'That's Where You Take Me' in the Phillipines. I actually love the song, it's very slightly different from the album version.

    Indeed I really can't get enough of the 'Britney' album at the moment. I know 'In The Zone' is cooler and more accomplished, and 'Blackout' is of course the go-to album for a drunken night of sluttery, but there's still something a bit naive and idealistic about the 'Britney' album. Definitely my favourite from the Max Martin era.
    Your mother sounds AMAZING, I'd be shocked if my mom knew anything more than BOMT, OIDIA and I Love Rock n Roll (we watched Crossroads together back in the day). And AS IF she'd know anything by Jessica other than her shit film, TV 'career'.

    And "Quite good considering" is my new go-to backhanded compliment of choice. Madge's latest album is quite good CONSIDERING
    Oh, and her favourite Britney song is 'Criminal'. God she is so much more fabulous than me.
    My mother recently declared that Hilary Duff's Greatest Hits (the second one) was "quite good considering". She loved the 'Dignity' album. There again, she also cites Jessica's 'Take My Breath Away' as her favourite song of all time. Closely followed by 'With You'...she was QUITE disgusted at Shontelle for stealing the "t-shirt" lyric. I've got her so well trained.
    Why is Selena Gomez apparently the only person unaware that she needs to be a popstar? 'Hit The Lights' is ALWAYS on at the gym.

    Can you believe Hilary Duff's solo career will be a DECADE old next year?!
    Well I was always team Kris over Lambert of course. But what's going on with Lambert? Is he suddenly good now. I can't make fun of him anymore. :( Good for him I suppose if he went to #1, it's a big step. A male Gaga I suppose.
    Is that a Kris Allen avatar? Surely the hottest idol by far. Though he has competition from Tim Urban, Philip squared and Daughtry.
    Hi Pop! I only know the obvious Debbie hits, which are great - Love That Man captures something really engaging. I really loved the Soulseekers remix of Two Times Blue. It was years before I heard the original, which gets 10/10 from me with ease. Not really familiar with Tiffany, but her signature hit came on my iPod whilst walking home from Tesco earlier, and I had my hands full so was stuck listening to it, and re-living my love for the backing vocals. I also found myself watching her tv movie with Debbie sometime last year. Excruciating - I couldn't take my eyes away from it.
    Alias have fixed 'Love You Like A Love Song' for you - and I got us a topic just for the song!
    Hi Pop

    What's the quickest way of working out the results from a rate thread? You're the king of them... I need to do my J.Lo results thread but I can't be FAFFED with the MATHS.
    ***********GREAT MOOPY PRIZE DRAW***********
    Congratulations on being entered into the Great Moopy Prize Draw to be held this Sunday evening (20.3.2011)
    Make sure you are around for your chance to win BIG prizes!
    Did you get to see Kylie live? I hope you did. I imagine she was too far away though? Maybe Chicago.
    HI POP!

    I hereby give you permission to run around to Def Jam's offices, throw a ROCK IN THEIR WINDOW, enter the secret code into LA's platinum and diamond encrusted safe (Combination: 'MIMI FAT PIG') and GET THAT ALBUM onto YOUTOOB ASAP.

    Seriously though, any sign of it?
    The version you posted of Stacey Q's "Trip" is not the new single version. It is the "rock" version that was included on a compilation CD released last year by Hydra Productions. The new version, which you can listen to at www.staceyqonline.com, is much more dance. Thanks!!
    ****************STOP PRESS***************

    Thank you for voting in MOOPYRATE 13. You have been entered into the GREAT MOOPY PRIZE DRAW to be held this Sunday afternoon, 2nd Aug 2009.

    Tune in to see if you will win one of the 13 prizes available :o

    ****************STOP PRESS***************
    Pop honey, can you do me a favour and edit out that last link you posted in the Jacko thread, it seems to have made the thread go funny :confused:
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