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  • Well after some research Ripped in 30 seems to begin at about the equivalent of 30DS Level 1 so seems to be a step in the right direction at least. And it goes to a Level 4 :disco:

    I have really enjoyed re-doing it at the moment. Although I think that might because I'm at the stage now on Level 1 where I'm not just really struggling but I can really push myself on all the exercise. I'm not going to skip though so at Level 2 I should be at least able to get through it it all.
    Oh yeah I saw that as well. I mean how could you work all these DVDs together? Pics coming soon!
    I've started shredding again :manson: I saw a photo from when I was about 20 days in last year and while not having abs you could crack nuts on there was a definite tone to my body and I quite liked it and I'm still holding Xmas weight :(. I'm really going to push myself this time.

    No off days,
    no hype,
    no gloss,
    no pretense
    this is just percé (ripped)

    They're VoR strength :disco:
    OMG that is cheating! You can't 'go for a run' and end up getting a bus the whole way round! LOL! You'll be completing Boot Camp on a Golf Buggy next!
    Yeah I just looked on Amazon and it was about £300 but as with the likes of QVC they chuck in extras so you can't really do a proper comparison.

    But yes just after I was watching that MAD BITCH KELLY HOPPEN they went to KitchenAid and I instantly thought "Oh RobotBoy".

    FYI Kelly Hoppen after 24 hours of being on QVC was amazing. She was slagging off the "grubby table" and the harsh overhead lighting "I never LIGHT FROM ABOVE" and insisted on taking her OVERPRICED FAKE ORCHID (investment piece) with her everywhere she went. <3
    Do you have a KitchenAid yet? They were special value on QVC for today with some freebies.
    Probably more 20 paracetemol and a bottle of sminry. I think it's quite serious, michelle went to see him in A&E it's something to do with his stepchild I think and she won't let him have an access…


    How do you recover from this at work though, especially since I'll be telling everyone as soon as I get in. What an embarrassment.
    He's such a DRAMA LLAMA though I couldn't be arsed with the fake tears and the need for attention. I doubt he was reaching out to me… more just "Oh lol I'll phone Percy"

    Probably dead tomorrow :(
    So… you've found out your mate tried to kill himself… he's just phoned you but you're not sure what to say do you…

    Let it ring out?
    I would watch about 5 minutes skipping to various points and you can be all WTF? OMFG? IS THIS FOR REAL? and then just forget about it.
    African film making at its finest. I'm not sure if its supposed to be like a PORNO or what but it's RUBBISH (and therefore amazing) nonetheless. It has even spawned sequels!
    Oh Gawd! Well she did mention 'slitting my throat' yest morn and then cast it off as a 'figure of speech'...! She has very little self control and such a violent temper; takes nothing to flare it.

    I just feel trapped here. I wish I could move out, but I can't for quite some time probably.

    PRAY FOR ME and hope you don't see me on the NEWS! :( xxx
    All joking aside, I'm actually really scared. :( She's come home purposely slamming doors, scraping furniture and generally moving around as NOISILY as possible. It's some sort of aggressive primal territorial thing to intimidate and threaten me and to make her mark because I had the cheek to stand up to her.

    I have to say it is definitely working.
    Meh it was OK. It burned on one side :( and I forgot to grease and line the cake tin anyway :D I think I'll resign myself to the fact I'm a better cook and not a FABULOUS baker :(
    Hi, Why is my Marble Cake still soggy in the middle. It's on Gas 4 and been in for an hour! Temperature increase? Is it now a ruined cake? *sob* :(
    Ha! I'm at something of a loose end of late. We should rectify this by going for supper!
    Oi! Answer your bloody phone!!

    How does Betty Blue Eyes, Monday 1st August sound? £15 a ticket, so would be £90 between us? x
    Were you aware that Thomasina Miers' new Mexican cookery show starts next Tuesday? :o
    Its a big step up from level 1 isn't it! :D
    Its the push ups and plank jacks I can't handle. I feel like I'm going to die!
    I'm not too keen on raw tomatoes either but I went with some small not too provocative tomatoes that went well with the rest of the dish. pointed cabbage is really good; it's similar in texture to regular white cabbage but greener and has actual flavour
    you like pointed cabbage? made a lovely salad yesterday with shredded pointed cabbage, quartered tomatoes, crushed almonds and dried cranberries :disco:
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