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    Alba August - I Still Hide

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    Eurovision 2022: Semi Final TWO (20:00 BST)

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they lean on the last 30 seconds of the UK’s performance to finish with a bang before the voting.
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    Eurovision 2022: Semi Final ONE (20:00 BST)

    Mopping up televotes, surely?
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    Eurovision 2022: Semi Final ONE (20:00 BST)

    I suspect this is what Caracola would have ended up like after a gap year in Peru and a Cornelia Jakobs glow up.
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    Poland 2022: Ochman - River (+ EVIL NON-TWINS & Lidia Kopania KATASTROFIE)

    He’s an excellent singer, but he’s DEAD behind the eyes and has no presence whatsoever. They’ll need to stage the SHIT out of whatever is going on around him to really make it work on stage.
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    Melodifestivalen 2022: Deltävling 4 - Friends Arena

    That’s Nano, JessAn and Nanne bagging slots for Melfest 2023.
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    Melodifestivalen 2022: Deltävling 4 - Friends Arena

    This is just Barbados’ ‘Kom hem’ with different lyrics.
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    Melodifestivalen 2022: Deltävling 4 - Friends Arena

    Did the heart not ’ignite’ for Malin? Is that a first this year?
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    Melodifestivalen 2022: Deltävling 3 - Avicii Arena (again)

    ‘Bigger Than The Universe’ is surprisingly half-baked for a G:son and Boström song.
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    Melodifestivalen 2022: Deltävling 2 - Also Avicii Arena

    I did laugh at Tone getting a writing credit for ‘My Way‘ when it’s common knowledge that the song has been sent in every year for years and never made it. Changing the odd word doesn’t count! You JUST KNOW JessAn and Magnus Carlsson had their GRUBBY LITTLE MITTS on it at some point.
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    Liamoo - Bluffin

    Did Sacha Jean-Baptiste struggle that much to convince him to learn choreo that he had to fall back to George Michael arms?
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    Melodi Grand Prix: Delfinale 3

    Norway unceremoniously BINNED OFF tonight in favour of other countries, but Subwoolfer performed this evening… I can’t help but feel that this could have a similar run to ‘Spirit in the Sky’, in that it clearly shows potential on a small stage, but could really POP in a big arena and go on to...
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    Finland 2022: The Rasmus - Jezebel

    I’d say this has a pretty good shot, too.
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    Melodifestivalen 2022 GOSSIP OCH BITCHING thread

    All shows to be broadcast from Stockholm, like last year:
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    Norway 2022: Subwoolfer - Give That Wolf A Banana

    I’d say it’s between these two knowing Norway…
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