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  • ok, in no particular order;

    iceland, ireland, azerbajan, albania, greece

    wot bout u?
    Ok well let me know, if you're coming from home, I'll pick you up from Paddington about 2.15pm, if you're coming from elsewhere, I'll meet you at Aldgate about 2:45pm
    Are Krolly (Kraige and Dolly) popping by on Sat? It would be nice to see them!
    I'm disappointed in your naïvety. He is no Cybil. He poses a much greater threat to society and will destroy us all.
    operation grandslam is good to go (although I suspect TurnerPrize knows something)
    Look out of your window. Can't you see me?
    :D I'm from Northwich in Cheshire if you really fancy working your MAGIC for me love!
    I'm often bearded during revision periods when I don't shave for a week and have no social events in my calendar.
    You gambled and won this time.

    But mark my words - I always get what I want. You will unfriend POP!.
    I notice you are still friends with POP!

    I am therefore terminating our moopy-friendship at 21:00 this evening.
    hiya can you add elliot costi upskirt to the group banning deliribum back into the uk please
    I'm not happy that you are friends with both me and POP! on Moopy.

    Please remove one of us.
    You ok sweetpea? I hope you've been eating ok, remember to lock the front door and brush your teeth before bed. I promised the Mayoress I'd keep an eye on you.
    ****************STOP PRESS***************

    Thank you for voting in MOOPYRATE 13. You have been entered into the GREAT MOOPY PRIZE DRAW to be held this Sunday afternoon, 2nd Aug 2009.

    Tune in to see if you will win one of the 13 prizes available :o

    ****************STOP PRESS***************

    why arent you on msn

    i have news for you
    did nelson mandella walk back into the jail when they opened the door? nope...he went on to win the nobel peace prize and meet geri halliwell...

    both these things are in my future too.
    Ok yeah, so I didn't meet the Pope, I had the wrong colour skin or something BUT genuinely when I was on the plane on the way back, I did take a sick bag and put it into my handbag and think 'OOooh, that will be handy for Sebastian when he's in my car next'.
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