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  • Oh my god Swan, i have so much exciting news to tell you -

    1. I finally tried your family recipe of Beans on toast with Salad Cream. It made a nice alternative to HP sauce and i would give it 8 out of 10.
    2. I was in Manchester for a WHOLE WEEK and didn't get to see any of Manchester apart from ten minutes in Piccadilly Gardens and a lot of a Withenshawe Industrial Estate. Still though i congratulate you on your fine city.

    Also i totally lied about having exciting news to tell you, SOZ. Hope you are well. xoxo
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    it;'s okay swanny. i love you lots

    even if ignoring me is soooooo not fetch

    lidlo ftw xxxx
    Oooh are you going Egypt for the weekend? :D

    ENJOY anyway, watch out for the camels! x
    Ooooh LONDON baby! Have a GREAT time, I'm out in Angel/Islington tonight for dinner.

    It was Pesto, anyway, lets just say I'm over him and have moved on :D
    I can't believe Coogan got booed off stage in Liverpool. The Scots had it worse and we loved it!

    But the Welsh might not be impressed... just regional stereotypes.
    Have you seen the report in the local papers? Turns out that when the campaigning for the CON charge was going on last year, congestion was falling faster in Greater Manchester than anywhere else in the country! Not just that, but out of just two areas to see it increase, one was... London, with a charge!
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    *********END OF BULLETIN**********
    Your auschwitz quip just made me laugh very much. You've almost justified the holocaust, well done.

    (I didn't want to do two posts in a row, but now it looks like I'm some sort of stalker who posts on your profile the whole time :()
    Ha! Tard.

    I would agree with them being no Cybermen, ALTHOUGH pop into Woollies and you will see that they are much better in action figure form, which is what counts. Mine glows in the dark.
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