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    well i asked yesterday, i dont want an answer next week thanx

    how happy are you today?
    bloody hell, the smiths? are things that bad at home?
    I don't know if you'll be such a big fan of mine but we'll see

    I'll give yours a spin too once it has had the review x
    yep! I am sorry/amused you got Pop!'s

    Nope, you don't get that kind of button which is a little confusing. It can look like you're buying stuff again, but once you click buy, it will say "you've already coughed up for this, so you can now have it for free" or words to that effect. Not quite the same thing of course and not nearly as easy... but c'est la vie.
    Been playing Civ just now - quite good, especially for nowt.

    You'll need iTunes to buy without the phone. I know you hate it but it's great for backing up your phone when you do a sync - helped me out on more than one occasion. You can redownload apps for free if you delete them off your phone so it's not a huge deal if you don't want to use it - having all your other data backed up is mighty useful though. Are you going to use one of the Windows management apps?
    Ouch, the Beaterator reviews are awful - the ones for this sound pretty dandy though. Not sure on the tech specs but they're not massively important to me - certainly not as much as for you I'd wager.
    Might be worth buying now anyway as it's 25% off for an undefined period. I haven't got it as I'm generally really good at buying these sorts of things and then doing precisely nothing with them. Can't say I'm not tempted though...
    i STILL dont have a rar file from you

    can you sort it out? thanks
    What are the best mixes of "King Of Snake"?

    I saw it dirt cheap at a charity shop and it was CD2 or whatever and included Ashley Beedle. I bet those won't be the ones I like!
    Since you've posted so much fabulous stuff that goes unnoticed by the PROLES I thought I'd send you some shyt. I need to check out all your recommendations, I've liked everything you posted!

    Broadcast & The Focus Group

    Epic 45 - called the West Country's BOC by Word magazine
    It's ok darling! I was busy anyway, I did 20 tests today (that's alot) :o

    fanx fr uploadin xxx
    I can't get into my hotmail just now!

    I'm gonna go do some gardening. Back later.
    Sorry but that picture was disturbing me so I had to delete it.

    But thanks for the THOUGHT
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