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Dec 1, 2015
Just behind VoR
It all comes down to love - and votes.
ISHFIY was finally eliminated during overtime in a close match against Keep an Eye on Dan.

Here's its dazzling reviews:
Slowly, majestically, it builds to an astronomical climax, full of power chords and dazzling harmonies and that if it feels like a victory lap, that's only fair.
- Mark Savage, BBC
It is earnest and refreshing not just from the ABBA stable, but for a pop number of today. While it has an overarching sense of nostalgia not just in terms of emotions but as a kind of harking back to a retro past, it makes for a sweet reminder that there were definitive reasons for why they ruled the roost in their time. Sung as a piano ballad that seems like a family getting together after dinner, it's ABBA’s way of calling it for the fans before they do. It forces even the most reluctant listener to take notice of their charms. Whether or not they’re convinced is a wholly different matter.
- News9live
Their COMEBACK SINGLE ABOUT THEM COMING BACK! It's really a masterpiece of a song, with an amazing arrangement, poignant lyrics and just the right amount of sentimentality, passion and self-awareness to be inspiring and stirring.
- Iguana
Warm and lovely, the trumpetty effects are a bit crap now I listen closely but what a BUILD, but I think it’s the last refrain coming out of the climax that does me in. And those last 80s electronic bloops at the end, divine.
- Diddy
ABBA fans who had waited decades for “Voyage” surely lost some faith when the album’s lackluster lead track arrived as one of its first singles. And it will forever be a mystery how in the world this nabbed a Record of the Year Grammy nomination.
- New York Post
Marking a reunion with a song that is quite clearly about that reunion requires 100% commitment from the performers or it will fall absolutely flat.

They pull it off. Just.
- octophone
I must say after multiple listens I don’t LOVE the first minute of I Still Have Faith In You, but by god by the time it ends I’m practically in tears EVERY SINGLE TIME. A wonder.
When the "do-I-have-it-in-me?" bit kicked in I knew I would like it. Also the build-up is SPINE-TINGLING.
- Peekaboo
I Still Have Faith In You is such a beautiful track and I have welled up at the combination of the lyrics and the story.
- Soumi
Their voices are matured, as if they’re singing from deeper waters, their trademark harmonies still captivating. Come the chorus, the music uplifts and centres you in the way that the best of Abba does, and if you’re susceptible, there’s no escape.
- The Arts Desk

Now two songs stands on a summit
Humble and grateful to have survived.
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4. Don't Shut Me Down

7. Keep an Eye on Dan

To make this a bit more of a victory lap I will close this poll around 24h after the first song has reached 15 votes.
Don't Shut Me Down is one of the best singles of the year and one of THEIR best too. I couldn't have imagined a more fitting comeback song
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DSMD has garnered 20 votes but the race is still wide open, KAYOD fans have another day to turn things around!

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