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Dec 1, 2015
Just behind VoR
You say you've had it and you say, "screw you"

I Can Be That Woman, the ABBA song coming the closest to swearing is eliminated

One can’t help but despair at the chorus of I Can Be That Woman and that’s after its terrible lyrical twist about a female her husband is sleeping with, who turns out to be … a dog.
- The Guardian
The dog might be the most emotionally stable character on the album. But like all the couples in these songs, this one has a long, tortured history with no happy ending in sight. You can’t say Abba don’t stay true to their vision.
- Rolling Stone
It’s beautiful musically and once you move past the Tammy ambiguity, the lyrics paint such a vivid picture.
- Pingu
This is a song you wanna just put on the stereo on a maximum volume. Sit down in your chair, close your eyes and just drift away!
- GivenToe
...and then comes that song about THE DOG.

And the dog, bless her heart,
Licks my fingers

*insert choral harmonies*

classic ABBA troll move.
- Jark
I just wish they'd fully committed and written it from the dog's point of view.
- octophone

Here's hoping for more dog loving references on their next album!

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Now on for the sixth round of voting...

Vote for the SONGS you want ELIMINATED:

1. I Still Have Faith in You

2. When You Danced with Me

4. Don't Shut Me Down

7. Keep an Eye on Dan

9. No Doubt About It
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6. I Can Be That Woman
7. Just a Notion
8. Ode to Freedom

- Just Like That -
9. Bumblebee
10. Little Things
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and if When You Danced With Me goes out before top 4 then you're all EVIL and DERANGED without CAPACITY FOR JOY!
Just a Notion should be still in this survivor, No Doubt About It should not
You know what I've heard about Just A Notion?

No Doubt About It is SO AMAZING! I hate that I had to kill off another song I love but genuinely think that it’s an incredible psychodrama counterpart to Me and I. It makes me wonder how much Bjorn and Frida liked each other. I feel like Head Over Feels was also inspired by Frida being a fabulous attention-seeking piece of work.
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