A Song For Moopy: Cocktail Lounge - SYNC WATCH - Part 2 (1 Viewer)


Like beautiful robots dancing alone
Jan 17, 2008
Between war and denial


1. I Can Get Uppers Now
I Can Get Up Now - Caterina Eliza

2. Lava Flow
Lava - Alkistis Protopsalti

3. Smoker’s Cough
1990 - Achille Lauro

4. Prawn Cocktail with Sour Cream Sauce
1995 - Molly Nilsson

5. Gunpowder Plot
Free To Fall - Emma Langford

6. Blood of Satan
Egotistic - MAMAMOO

7. Alien Secretion
UFOspiro - Manineko

8. Svarti Dauði, Black Death of Iceland
Back to the Sky - Ólafur Arnalds (feat. JFDR)

9. Nether Regions
Love Like I’ve Never Been Hurt - Kristian Kaspersen

10. Death in the Afternoon
Ride or Die - Boys Noize & Kelsey Lu (feat. Chilly Gonzales)

11. Aurora Borealis (aka The Northern Lights)
Cure For Me - Aurora

12. The Violet Vesper
Gimme Love - Chita Rivera

13. Grasshopper
Peppermint - Tommy Genesis

14. Suck, Bang & Blow
Vidlik - ONUKA

15. Sazerac
Below the Clavicle - Eartheater

16. Espresso Martini
Sticky - Maine

17. Sochu Mojito
Crossing Field - LiSA

18. Tom Cruise’s c*m
Hemiplegia - HAERTS

19. Maple Waffle Cocktail
Adagio – Lara Fabian

20. Blueberry Smash
Oh! - The Linda Linda’s

21. Strawberry Coquito
Lose My Mind - Anthony Ramos



Coming at 8pm :disco:
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Tonight we have 21 songs so SLIGHTLY LESS than Tuesday. Tonight's show also includes the video with the least, and the video with the most, YouTube views
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I am likely going to miss the first 30-40 minutes, so please be kind to my subtle and fumbly "omg what song are we on guys?" entrance. I also hate joining a drinks session late - perfect excuse to go straight for the bar and pretend you didn't just order a double, you've no idea why yours cost more and the server missed the glass first time pouring thank you very much.

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