A Song For SuomiFrid - premieres Friday 4th June 8pm (1 Viewer)


Jun 16, 2004
And here’s a teaser for you cool cats and kittens.

Friday 4th June - theatrical release and official launch - SAVE THE DATE
Saturday 12th June - flag parade - a bevvy of villains
Tuesday 15th June - semi final 1
Thursday 17th June - semi final 2
Saturday 3rd July - RESULTS!

the flag theme is VILLAINS and the song choices are OPEN!

join us on Friday 4th June at 8pm for the live launch.
I have about 82 songs ready and one I have played so much I now have my doubts about.
Ok I’ve sent my song
Yay! It’s been a while since I convinced myself I had the winning song just to be disappointed during the listening party
The first time around on RuPaul's Drag Race ASFM I was in my own head, I was too concerned with my image, and I allowed my self-doubt to get the better of me. I was young and didn't have enough experience, but this time I'm galvanized, there's a fire lit under me, and you'll never see me in that bottom 5 again


Dear all,

As a legendary two-time winner of ASFM with a high message-to-likes ratio, two masters degrees, and a narcissistic personality disorder, I am honoured to be watching Benny @Suomi Andersson do all the hard work in the studio for this production.

As well as working on my new Swedish-language album ‘Lebensborn Flicka’, I am also writing my memoirs. My story has it all: a range of post-divorce hairstyles; marrying minor princes; children inconveniently interrupting my life by being born or dying; and searching for Youtube comments that confirm I was always the better singer.

All my love, luck, and best wishes,

Future Three-Time Winner of ASFM,

SereneFrid x
What with gifs being the work of Satan and everything, I would hope that a still image will be acceptable.
With the success of rock at this year's Euro-thingy, i've got high hopes for winning this time.
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I’ve been through three villains already. I’m prepared to send any old shite as the song but picking an avatar isn’t something to be rushed.
There’s at least four villains having a mass brawl trying to out-villain one another in my head right now.

at least the song is locked in

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