Agnetha - Where Do We Go From Here? and A+

Meh, whatever.

Impressive that she’s managed to get all four members on in her relatively short time doing the show though.
This is basically just A (Agnetha’s Version) isn’t it. Should I be going as apeshit as Taylor fans do when she repeatedly pulls the same stunt?
Isn't Kylie's new single out on Thursday too? Eddie said it was so I have no reason to doubt that. Mightn't the guest be her?

Would be strange for BMG to launch both on the same day.
Yeah, I'm beginning to think no Kylie this week.
Kylie just announced her ITV show so presumably no single til next week now.
does it include the agnetha_official bubble in the bottom corner or is that a sticker on the physical? 😇
I know no one owes anyone anything but I’m just so annoyed she actually went back into the studio, using all that time and didn’t actually bother doing anything new. (Well, bar a “tepid” single).

(Albeit it’s probably just remixed rather than re-recorded which will render this point moot)
It's nice and breezy. I appreciated the three different chorus hooks (or attempts at them anyway). Listening to her vocals I take back my assumption that it's leftover from ten years ago.
I'd prefer one hook that lands to attempting three that don't. Although admittedly that's only after two listens.
It's nice! Surprisingly upbeat! I don't see it going on regular rotation for me, but you never know.
Right I'm SLIGHTLY more interested to hear that Cold Heart was the inspiration behind the reworking of the A album, and I've seen the words "dreamy" and "Balearic" used...

Also from the BBC article:
The discopop vibe persists throughout the reimagined album, which floats along on an echoey, nostalgic haze.

I'm intrigued.
It's quite nice, but I can see now why BMG weren't worried about putting this and Kylie out on the same day...
I like the new SINGAL, its breezy and not what I expected.
It's no Don't Shut Me Down though where she really excelled more recently, but this will sound breezy for R2 in the September sunshine
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It's rather nice and tepid keeper the new sultry gem. Like an unexpected comeback from early 00s dream pop auteur Sara Jorge.
So looks like Where Do We Go is IT in terms of new material then.

Interesting that they've mixed up the tracklist.
So looks like Where Do We Go is IT in terms of new material then.

Interesting that they've mixed up the tracklist.
By all accounts it sounds like quite a radical reimagining of the album (even though Where Do We Go is the only thing she's actually recorded afresh) so I'm not completely resigned to it being a waste of time.

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