Agnetha - Where Do We Go From Here? and A+

Was the Gary Barlow feature on the original album? I know they performed it- I am surprised it wasn't a single
Was the Gary Barlow feature on the original album? I know they performed it- I am surprised it wasn't a single
It was on the original album and it was also a single in Europe, just not in the UK (it did nothing anywhere).
Not listened to this album before.

I really like “When You Love Someone” - it’s very Cheryl circa A Million Lights album production. Her voice in the second verse sounds significantly. different enough from the first verse that it sounds like a duet with HERSELF.

Where Do We Go From Here? sounds cute, this is the sort of stuff I hope Rihanna comes back with, with beefier production.
It was only slightly less confusing than buying Abba Voyage when that went to pre-order. Why can you never just buy one bundle with it all in, but have to try to work out which bundle includes what, what needs to be ordered separately, what is best value, and DO I REALLY HAVE TO ORDER THAT BLOODY T-SHIRT?
In fact I found the whole A album highly enjoyable on relisten this afternoon.

I don't quite understand the need to reinterpret it though. If she was going down this route, I'd have thought a properly curated solo greatest hits with some selected re-recordings from across her whole solo career would make more sense. But that's probably also a lot more like effort in terms of studio time for her. :D
I happened to relisten to A a few weeks ago and I was struck by how different she sounds on it compared to the Voyage recordings, especially on tracks like The One Who Loves You Now. She's using her voice completely differently.
It was on the original album and it was also a single in Europe, just not in the UK (it did nothing anywhere).

Ah yes, I only knew it from a CIN performance, (i think) - Wiki tells me it made 99 in the UK HIT PARADE
Just relistening to A in the background and it's way better than I recall and has piqued my interest in this album.
I’m don’t know why they’ve recorded her to sound like a 13 year old on the chorus. It’s alright. I wasn’t a fan of the album so I’m not sure why I’m about to add the picture disc to my basket.
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Yeah I hate to say it but after another couple of listens I can’t escape how dreadful she sounds on this.

Her vocal has been produced and processed to sound like she literally can’t sing, which we know not to be the case from Voyage where she sounds aged, but natural.
Perhaps I'm overtensioned, but I still think it's a weak song. The vocal processing particularly at the start is borderline unpleasant, and in the higher part of the chorus her voice is paper thin.
Maybe if it hadn’t been for Voyage and Don’t shut me down and I can be that woman I would have been mildly emotional to listen to her albeit very processed voice again, but I have no desire to listen to this ever again. I wasn’t so much into A either, so it’s not a huge surprise.. although I did love Should have followed you home
That's the face I pull when listening to it too
I'm a bit more

download (5).jpeg
I suppose I ought to wait until I've seen it, but yuck.
I know it's not really her but Agnetha, an actual deity on this earth, should NOT be posting about ROSS KING'S SHOWBIZ ROUND-UP on ITV LORRAINE

Talk about low rent. They won't even show more than 20-30 seconds of it.
Well, I'll never moan about the Eagle and Voulez-Vous animations in Voyage again.
Just watched the Lorraine segment. They spent far longer trailing it than playing the video - was it even one full chorus? And then the indignity of Ross King pronouncing her name wrong about five times, AND how it was trailed as an 'Abba exclusive', frequently using the Money Money Money video Frida parts :D

And then even better, the video message from Agnetha which was literally about 3 seconds long and very evidently shot as an afterthought on Jorgen's iPhone 7.
I'm tempering my expectations as her voice seemed to have deteriorated quite significantly between "A" and Voyage, but just the fact that she's still keen to record and do new music really warms the cockles.
I really didn’t temper them enough. :(
I, um, I really like this song now :shy:

Just a nice little bouncy pop song.
It's just not sticking properly for me, other than the vocal refrain.
I bloody love this, i dont think literally her voice is that bad in this, just the raspyness she's asked to do for this one

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