Agnetha - Where Do We Go From Here? and A+

I don't like that much to be honest, but yes, it's not as hopeless as some, and you can get a sense of them actually trying something with it.
Apparently it was the first song they did for the project. It turned out fairly well in the sense it was a realisation of what they wanted to do, but I guess the mistake was thinking they could do that with the whole album.

Some of it is a real struggle tbh.
Yeah, I've just had my first listen and I found it hard work. I'd struggle to rate it above 4/10.

I see the listening event happened from AbbaTalk, and that Elofsson was there. Lots of nice pictures of people posing with an oversized photo of the album cover.
The new Dance Your Pain Away is particularly egregious. Why would you ruin the splendid middle eight like that?!
Not that I can imagine there being much frenzied discussion of the album, but could a @Moderator change the thread title to include A+ please?
Having a first listen and I still really like the single. Back On Your Radio is OK, if unappealing. "Should Have Followed You Home" had me chuckling though, it's excruciating :D

Didn't think much of the rest and I doubt I'll play it again any time soon. The songs are as good as they were originally, but the production in every instance is much worse.

3/10, with 1/10 awarded separately to When You Really Loved Someone :zombie:
On that note, I just had a quick listen to When You Really Loved Someone and had to turn it off after 53 seconds. What an absolute butchery.
Where Do We Go From Here is lovely every time it's on Radio 2, and I have absolutely no desire whatsoever to listen to the album :disco:
Where Do We Go From Here is just majestic and really rather lovely, I even like her more croaky voice on it, i don't get why it got such a bad rap on ere
Her 'croaky' vocal in the verse is the best thing about it. It's how thin her voice sounds in the chorus I don't like. And I still think the song isn't bad, just a bit limp.

The album varies from 'oh that's not too bad actually' to excruciating.
Surprised to see this at #9 in the midweeks. Although curiously it’s credited as A and listed as a re-entry.
I don't think mine have even been dispatched yet. Or at least I've had no email saying so.
I don't think mine have even been dispatched yet. Or at least I've had no email saying so.
Email received this evening. So presumably those sales aren't included in the midweeks - haven't I read that pre-orders only count when they are shipped?
Ah. So due to technicalities I don’t quite follow, A and A+ have now had their sales split and as such are sitting at 35 and 28 respectively.
Yes, I read that, although I heard it was at 24 and 25. Perhaps that was the day before. I was going to look up the chart rules but couldn't be arsed, as I assume someone else on ukmix will do it when the chart is published.

Mine (well, his) all arrived today. None will ever be played (thank goodness).
#48 in the UK. Listed as A+, and a re-entry.

I can't get over what an AWFUL result that is in the UK, even accepting how poorly a lot of the tracks were received. #13 on sales only.
Actually, according to ukmix she's #48 and #60 - but the album chart on the OCC website has missed #60. And the album sales chart has it at #13, with no #14 listed - so I'm guessing she's that as well.

ABBA star Agnetha Faltskog’s 2013 No.6 album A has been ‘re-imagined’ as A+, wherein her original vocals are augmented by new instrumental tracks. With a different running order, starting with solitary new track Where Do We Go From Here?, A+ debuts at No.48 (2,528 sales). Meanwhile, A re-enters at No.60 (2,331 sales) – though most of its thrust is provided by the release of double CD and vinyl editions which pair both A and A+, and are therefore considered to be a variant of the former
Looks like she'd be #18 if they were combined, as #17 sold 4,780.
#5 Germany
#9 Netherlands
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I was just thinking how a Have A Miserable Christmas Edition of "I Keep Them On The Floor Beside My Bed" would really get the festive season revved up this morning. What timing!
I saw that on YouTube last night and thought it was a shitty fan made thing :D

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