ASFM Heat 4 - LIVE from Rachey’s Fudge Emporium VOTING CLOSES THURSDAY @5pm (1 Viewer)


Jun 16, 2004
We’ve been treated to some refreshing beverages at the BHS cafe, upset everyone at Enya’s Castle, danced on the dearly beloved Keri Hilson, and now our heats reach their exciting conclusion at Rachey’s Fudge Emporium.

Have you heard the winner yet?
(Red Dress)
Well, after tonight you can say YES I HAVE. Tonight’s heat features a genre of music not yet seen in this edition of ASFM, many bangers and possibly one of the most controversial entries ever!

Join me at 7pm along with these unproblematic ICO- and oh my god I’ve just noticed Jay Aston is there. Okay I give up.



Please award



1. Miss Jay Aston – Sabaton - Defence of Moscow
2. Choriza May - Pixie Paris – Dumm
3. Joanna Dee - Denise and the Beastie Girls - Top Secret
4. Tiffany Pollard - Duke Dumont - Ocean Drive
5. Bülent Ersoy – Hadise - Farkimiz Var
6. Sue Nicholls aka Audrey Roberts - Isaac Dunbar - Comme des Garçons (like the boys)
7. JANFT - Shift K3Y ft. Tinashe - Love Line
8. Mr Naef – LoneLady - Fear Colours
9. Internet Safety Crocodile - Magdalena Bay – Chaeri
10. Toppy Carrot - The Saturdays - Greatest Hits Megamix

Please definitely PM me with your votes, and maybe Buttertart if you want.
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I'll do my best to be here live, it's my last night in Turkey so we're having dinner BUT if I'm back in my room by 10pm local time I'll watch along (or catch up later, either way).
I’m busy AGAIN :(
Those lifestyle apps will be the end of you :(
Sadly with two jobs and an undergrad there’s not enough time to be a slut these days :(

You never know, I might find someone to suck off in the train loos.
Damn I'm going to miss out on all the free fudge samples.
Rachey is nothing if not generous
Yes, sadly I've been called away to do important humanitarian work tonight. I normally wouldn't miss it, but I'll be piloting a helicopter over Arizona tonight, dropping anvils on coyotes to protect the dwindling roadrunner population.
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There was a line in the Peaches song along the lines of “YOU MUST BE UNDERAGE?” then he FUCKS EM.
I will be at an early birthday dinner soon but I’m counting on being able to be back home for this. :o
In fairness, presumably it's an American club, so they'd need to be 21 to get in. Kate probably just thinks that all of the gays are into 20 year old boys.
I'm going stick around for a third of it and then disappear for the middle and then return at the end. It's the ultimate butterfly tribute.

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