Austria 2023: Teya & Salena - Who The Hell Is Edgar?


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It reminds me of In corpore sano - a pointed, insightful pop song with a criticism to make (0.003, gas station champagne on me!), populist hooks to spare, and an inescapable aura of insanity, ready and waiting to please everyone from the cheap seats to the gods. This simply must come top ten :disco:
Incredible. I hope the office dancing man somehow makes it to the stage in Liverpool.
Who is she?
I was listening to an ESC podcast yesterday that had these girls on as guests. One of them (Salena I think) said that she was asked to do a demo of last year's song, but an hour before she was due to go into the studio she got a call to say they had settled on Pia Maria as the vocalist. She also said that, before Pia had got her hands on it, the song was called HERO :zombie:

So I suppose we should be happy for the fact last year happened because otherwise, we wouldn't have got POE
Totally on board :disco: (until the live performance :eyes:)


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