Big Brother: Launch Night

Not much of a CHALLENGE though is it?
Right… they could have at least made her force herself to be ranked most entertaining to be safe. I’m pretty sure she would have thrown a strop and the houseguests during that task and they inevitably would have let her rank herself #1 out of sympathy for impending eviction lol
It’s a good thing Kerry isn’t the one that has to sleep without a bed. I don’t think they’d allow that, would they?

I felt quite sorry for her as she couldn’t run to the bedroom to pick her bed like the rest of them could. :(
Not Matty, Jordan and Henry forming a HORRIBLE TORY TRIO.
Well that couldn’t have been a better launch for me.

*on first impressions, they have absolutely got the right idea with casting. I did roll my eyes at the Scouse security guard but I don’t favour a straight male so he didn’t stand a chance.
*loved that it was pre-recorded so we didn’t waste time with all the FAFF - all killer no filler approach works best for a TikTok generation I feel.
*interesting to note some minor things that made it seem very 2023 rather than 2003 - asking each other if they drank, for example.

She is the moment. Honesty, Yinrun catching a quick glimpse of what was clearly some sort of unexpected fuckery and then putting her back up against the wall like a CIA agent on a detective show made for an incredible entrance.
*Dylan is well fit
*Matty the hippy is potentially going to get on my nerves, but then again his energy is so Rainbow Rhythms and I am so not Rainbow Rhythms
*Kerry screaming for the duration of her entrance gets a 12 from me
*I know they really want Henry to be the villain as a royalist Tory but it never really works out like that. I suspect he’ll be there till the end.
*HerSerene’s prediction to win: Chanelle
*my prediction to win: Yinrun :disco:
*great hosting - the shift towards BEKIND is apparent but not sickly - and I think that’s exactly right. The Heat magazine era needs to stay buried.
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- I like that the mullets are mating
- I like that the posh people are mating
- I like that we've already had our first "I hate fake people x"
- Love Olivia completely spiralling
- Love Yinrun already going psychotic and talking to herself while clearly twatted
- Hope Dylan and Farida have sex and Farida goes into the diary room to fret over getting a pregnancy test / abortion in week 1
- Kerry absolutely voted Brexit and just thinks at the end of the day we're full ("sorry!")
The spin-off show is SHAMBOLIC. Why is one of the Rizzle Kicks on the WARPATH?

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