Big Brother REVIVED on ITV2!


May 2, 2004
From Broadcast magazine:

ITV is planning to resurrect Big Brother and return the show to its roots, Broadcast understands.

There is significant speculation that the commercial PSB wants to bring back the mega-brand, and discussions are at an advanced stage with producer Banijay UK/ Initial, though no agreement has been reached.

It is believed that ITV’s intention is to eschew the excesses of some reality formats with a back-to-basics approach to the revival.

The broadcaster hopes that BB could become a young-skewing programming event of a similar scale to Love Island, but it will not be solely populated by beautiful people like the dating format.

Instead, its casting will seek to reflect a slice of contemporary Britain and will be based on finding interesting characters.

Former housemates such as Anna Nolan, the ex-nun who was among series one’s diverse crop of contestants, and Nadia Almada, the transgender winner of series five, are being talked about internally as the type of cast that ITV’s Big Brother will seek to feature.

It is thought that this approach will also extend to the revival being a light-touch production, more akin to the earlier series on Channel 4.

ITV2 is the most likely home for the series, and it could also be a key title for driving viewers to ITVX, the broadcaster’s forthcoming digital platform that is slated to launch around November this year.

Love Island is an outlier for ITV and its broadcasting rivals in terms of the volume of younger viewers it can attract on a night-after-night basis. Given the huge challenge of launching new shows, ITV is understood to believe that reviving and re-imagining the Big Brother brand could be the best way of achieving similar results.

The Sun first reported that ITV is set to bring back Big Brother in April.

ITV and Banijay declined to comment.
I'm not sure how much I really trust ITV to go properly back to basics with it but will obviously watch it all anyway.
this is actually looking quite promising, agree not sure how much ITV can go 'back to basics' but if they have already got the memo About the age and looks demographic then i'm here for it.
Of course, I came here to shout Penny. I mean, surely she must have retired by now so could drop the towel as much as she liked now.

I'd honestly love them just to dip into the pool of former contestants. For example, I am slowly watching season 7 and love every second of Lea's excruciating screen time, the way she navigates every conversation around her obsession and paranoia with Pete without possibly being able to say what she means beyond awkward pauses and unexplained huffs :D
I hope they don't follow the Love Island model, but I appreciate that show makes a lot of money for ITV2 selling cheap tat from BOOHOO and why mess with a successful formula?
ITV have now confirmed. It's happening. Please not lots of tanned morons and influences.

Actually it was meant to be a tweet about contestants from "all walks of life"

Again, hoping the full range isn't people with different jobs who look nice on Instagram.
So do we think Rylan is presenting, or will he continue with the spin off show?

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