Big Brother: Week 2

Will they or won’t they show Paul asking why there’s no straight pride
Is music being played in eps a new thing for ITV2 Big Brother, or did it do that in its later years? I don't mind it
Was the guy who drinks a banana peanut butter smoothie everyday in something before? I'm thinking maybe Naked Attraction. He just looks very familiar. I'm only up to the open relationship chat.
That Trish and Olivia conversation was nice. It was great seeing them maturely resolving and squashing the issue.

From Trish's side it will be resolved, but obviously Olivia will flare up at the first opportunity...

(And they'll both nominate each other no doubt :D)
Shanelle really won me over with that challenge. I had zero interest in her before.

Same - i reckon producers were thinking 'why isn't she showing us what we saw in auditions' and gave her that task to get it out of her. She did a great job.

My top 15:

1. Yinrun

2. Zak
3. Jordan
4. Trish
5. Hallie (her closeness to Olivia and Kerry is really bringing her down from top 2 material for me)

6. Dylan
7. Noky
8. Chanelle

Indifferent to
9. The gay one with the open relationship
10. Paul
11. Tom

12. Jenkin
13. Henry
14. Olivia
15. Kerry
Zak is just going up and up for me - he really had a great episode tonight, as did Chanelle and Trish.
I'm so glad to see Olivia down there - I am finding her unbearable. Now that I've caught up, hopefully I'll know the names soon. Yinrun is indeed my favourite too.
I want Jenkin out, he's such a low vibration person.
Yes! You could give him a pass for being miserable in the first couple of days but what a mardy little queen.
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