Big Brother: Week 2

I love that everyone thought Jordan and Matty would be snuggling in bed rather than throwing up RAW EGGS ABD SPROUTS onto the duvet.
Poor Tom, his duvet covered in vomit.

That said I anticipate that's normal for him.
scooping up chow mien or egg fried rice on prawn crackers is heavenly. A thick good quality prawn cracker. Not a thin crumbly one from a below par chinese.
Bit odd that Jordan seemed to take the discussion about dark rooms as an invitation for sex with open relationship harlot Matty? Am I reading it wrong?
Considering they are up for eviction tonight they've barely featured Zak and Henry not much more.
In true ITV style, all the people of colour will be gone in a few weeks and we'll be stuck with Olivia, Kerry and Hallie stewing over their Macbeth witches pot.

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