Big Brother: Week 5

I can't believe this, it must be a mistake. Who wants to watch Jenkins shuffle around the house in cheap polyester athleisure wear for another week?
The fact Jenkin’s eviction outfit was a H&M shirt and a pair of skinny jeans.
The worryingly powerful FB MUMS voting bloc will be going for Olivia o fear.
Still feeling very raw about this. I hope Trish got all the dick she could take last night.
How with a week to go have we still got TOM, JENKIN, MATTY AND HENRY IN THE HOUSE?
I don’t think I can actually remember an interview quite as bad as Chanelles. Is she physically unable to string a sentence together??
Trish of course SLAYED. That girl can MOVE! Absolutely devastated she went last night though, as I think if she stayed she was shoe in Top 2 with a vote to win vote.
What a terrible website! Borderline unreadable on my phone due to the various ads.
I cannot recommend AdGuard highly enough. Makes the internet so much more bearable.


How do explain a meme like that :D

“Sassy gays take the piss out of Facebook mums creating watercolour artwork for anyone who’s dead. But you are not dead and we are not taking the piss out of you but you are in this meme”

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