Celebrity Big Brother 2024 ITV2 era

MEH. They both seem like lovely boys but I honestly couldn’t care less at this stage.
David is a decent enough winner.

Not sure what he'll get out of it, although he seems TV host ready.
Pleased with that result.

I thought Nikita was going to give the toy to his girlfriend or something... this series and the cuddly toys. The boy can shimmy though...

Layton and Carlos waiting with his girlfriend.
Adore AJ but she can’t pronounce her W’s which is a bit problematic when you have a cohost called Will and have to say Winner a lot
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Ekin-Su has BROKEN HER SILENCE on not being universally loved

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Definitely, but it does seem to disproportionately negatively affect the Love Island people, doesn’t it?

I think it affects most reality/social media stars unfortunately. Is it possibly more a generational thing? I definitely don’t think it’s solely a Love Island thing. :D

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