Coronavirus Lite

Future generations will browse the chatty goods and think, OMG life must have been awful for them :(
I've moved the hair stuff here since it seems to have room to grow, but we'll also have new info in an hour and the main thread would probably become hard to follow
I wasn't a massive fan of these two because of their annoying Nationwide adverts, but if ever a song summed up 2020...


That's majestic. The Rowling diss is an extra dollop of cream on an already delicious cake. :D
Was going to share this with some friends but he's BLOCKED me! :o I feel attacked! I don't even tweet any of my own content!

I'm blocked by one of those hun meme accounts called Shirley's Pussy, and although it's very much not my type of humour, it HAUNTS ME.

One of my friends sends me things from it somewhat regularly, and I always find myself asking 'what did I to to earn the wrath of a 30-something gay with an unhealthy interest in Linda Henry?'

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