Dancing on Ice 2024

Feb 5, 2004
Still plodding along, no Phil replacement confirmed yet but the first celebrity was announced earlier as former boxer Ricky Hatton.

One for Vanessa, who seems to get to the final every year.
Everyone is more interested (well, relatively) with the Schofield situation. If it is Mulhern, why not just announce it?
Really one of the jammiest and most inexplicable showbusiness careers EVER when you think about it.
I'm still watching this out of habit but the scores and the skate off tonight were an utter SHAMBLES. :o

At a friends and they made me sit through this absolute rot tonight. Garbage honestly. I used to quite like it about a decade ago but any charm it had is long dead.
I've missed the last few weeks but had it on tonight and thought it was GREAT (by Dancing On Ice's very, very low standards).

FLYING WEEK (?!) worked for me. And lol that, because ITV viewers prioritise fit men over any women, this Love Island lady got voted off within an hour of getting the series' only perfect score with this -

And obvs the only other woman (Adele Roberts) was bottom two alongside her. It appears as though producers have had to make the final have four couples instead of the usual three, because they knew that otherwise there'd be no female contestant in it at all.
Greg Rutherford has pulled out of the final, apparently.
Greg Rutherford has pulled out of the final, apparently.

I didnā€™t realise it was still on. I havenā€™t read anything about the series at all other than the first episode.
OMG. This has been RENEWED for another season. :ToneNervous:

I'm genuinely agog. Even if they did one final all-stars series, I'm not convinced a) how many previous contestants would clear their schedule for it or b) it'd make any difference to the ratings whatsoever.

This whole series has flown so far under the radar - in terms of coverage AND ratings - I can't fathom why ITV are bothering with another series. Surely even something like Beat The Chasers would perform the same (if not better) in that slot and could be created for a fraction of the cost.
It's a purpose built studio they use, isn't it? I wonder if they have already paid for it, and it doesn't make financial sense not to make it, even in the face of low ratings?

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