Do you drink enough water?


God damn it Claude
Dec 31, 2007
Drowned World
I've been trying to up my intake (skin issues if I don't) and fuck if I'm not running to the bathroom every 20 minutes. :D It's feasible for as long as I work from home but when I get back to the office (IF), it'll be tough to manage.

I'm also not sure if Klean Kanteen bottles are big in the UK but I went down to buy one the other day and it was £27. :goodgrief: S'well is even WORSE.

I went through a phase of trying to drink a pint an hour between 9am and 4pm and gave up a few weeks in Because of that reason, I was risking getting sacked for spending more time in the toilet than at the desk.

I definitely don’t drink enough though.
What IS enough water? There seems to be no consensus.

I probbaly drink a litre a day when it should be two. If I run or go to the gym though (HA) it's more.
I only really drink water when taking medication or trying to avoid a hangover, so I don't drink enough by any stretch. Mostly stick to sugar-free fizzy drinks, juice or squash.

My boyfriend drinks loads and is always in the bathroom (whereas I only need to go two or three times a day). He's obsessed with the BKR bottles.
I consciously do but then that’s been ingrained from competing in sport I guess. I was delighted to discover that your cup of tea counts so I do it easily in that case.
Since I made the decision to get aligners, water is only thing I tend to drink these days.
I see people with KleanKanteen bottles and thermoses everywhere. They’re a bit too big for my taste.
I definitely don't drink enough water and I get headaches when I have a busy day because there are no damn toilet breaks. I've started bringing in a tumbler thing with water in it, instead of buying endless PET bottles, because you know, sea turtles and shit
I drink loads of water so my body's become acclimatised which means I seem to get thirsty more quickly than usual.

It's especially bad on a plane, for a long-haul flight I honestly take 5x 750ml bottles of water on board and get through them all (and have to have an aisle seat for obvious reasons...).
I've become rather taken by those cold water tea-bag drinks, which has upped my water intake considerably.
Nothing better than a cold pint of water first thing in the morning.
I find plain water dull as. I drink it because I know I ought to, rather than because I like it. I'm a fan of the twinings fruit tea bag as well (currently cheap in Aldi), or I also dilute fruit juice instead of squash.
I like how it feels to drink. I can't quite quantity that statement but it makes me feel good.
In recent years I’ve become addicted to sparkling water, but I only allow myself when I’m in the office.
Maybe 2-4 pints of water. I don't suppose coffee on top of that counts. I've noticed my skin isn't quite what it used to be so may need to cut the caffeine a bit (4-6 cups).
I had to Google "squash", that sounds nightmarish. I used to drink plenty of water but my coffee consumption probably overtakes it.
I'm usually really good, but for a short time last year I didn't drink enough and it was awful. My voice was hoarse all the time, I'd randomly become dizzy and I got facial acne (obviously the worse symptom).

Water really is taken for granted more than anything else on the planet.
I must drink between 5-8 pints of water on an average day. I constantly have a glass to hand.

But then I don't drink tea, coffee or any soft drinks in particular, besides a very occasional coke.
Any SPARKLING water fans here? :disco:

yes! :disco:

as part of my morning routine I drink 700ml of water before I have food. This has really helped me up my water intake. I’m around 2/2.5 litres a day now.

oh and I do enjoy a good dilute juice too :disco:

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