Doctor Who - 2023 and beyond (THE CHURCH ON RUBY ROAD, Christmas Day 5:55pm on BBC1!)

Just watched K9 and Company, it's actually very good fun! Love how NO NONSENSE Sarah Jane is, and the village full of weird characters could've been quite a good setting if it had gone to series. Interesting that it's also one of very few televised Who-related stories with absolutely zero alien involvement in the plot (the only other one I can think of at the moment is Countrycide from series one of Torchwood, and there it's sort of highlighted/used as a twist).

Also that opening credits sequence needs to be highlighted, it's just SERVE UPON SERVE from our Lis:

That typewriter and glass of white wine combo :disco:
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There are a few RTD interviews from the premiere the other night doing the rounds, and they contain what some people might consider light spoilers so watch out :eyes:
Promo pics for this Friday's CiN short:

That's a Kaled uniform from Genesis of the Daleks :shock: What's going on??
There's also been some set photos from Ncuti's second series confirming that
Millie Gibson is back, so for the first time ever RTD is keeping the same Doctor and companion across two series :o
And here's the Doctor Who Unleashed, which is twice as long as the actual mini ep:

Steffan Powell I don't know, but based on this he makes for an excellent host.

And I'm sorry but the point from RTD about them making Davros able-bodied and with an unblemished face because it's the right thing to do in 2023 is ABSOLUTELY CRACKERS. I'm 100% with the wider point about villains with facial scarring / disabilities being a harmful trope over the years, but this ain't that pal. I mean, has ANYBODY ever thought of him as a wheelchair user??? He's a half-Dalek man in a rubber mask
Yeah, I'm not sure I fully agree with RTD here, though I'm not a wheelchair user so don't know how I'd feel if I was. I think this was fine for a pre-accident version of Davros, but I do think that in future appearances he does at least need to keep the scarring/mutated look as it's quite integral to his character and why he created the Daleks in the first place. I think having him able to walk again COULD work, particularly since they could very easily retcon that from his last proper appearance (where he tricked the Doctor into giving him regeneration energy), but if RTD is thinking of just having the version from last night as regular Davros going forward it might be better to just retire the character.
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I've also never really thought of his 'travel machine' as a wheelchair either, though of course functionally (and i practical terms on-set) it basically IS - I've always imagined he was much more wired/connected into it rather than just sitting in it.
but if RTD is thinking of just having the version from last night as regular Davros going forward it might be better to just retire the character.
Part of me thinks there are no plans to have him back any time soon - hence him being in a fun for europe Children In Need type affair, rather than held back for a proper GRAND RETURN in the series proper
I was about to say maybe they could go even more radical and have him turn into some sort of full-on hybrid Dalek thing, then I remembered poor rubbish old DALEK SEC :(
They were filming here again this week, and I did a short detour to check it out. It's a fairly short Georgian terrace, but unfortunately closed from both ends. I saw who I'm fairly confident was Millie Gibson arriving, though.
Happy Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Week, Moopy ♥️♥️🟦 :disco:

As well as The Star Beast on Saturday evening - the first of three anniversary specials - this week we also have the colourised version of The Daleks on BBC Four on Thursday. This will be followed by a showing of the wonderful 2013 docudrama An Adventure in Space and Time, which will apparently contain a small but significant change from previous times it's been shown :o
Ooh, is that going to be Ncuti popping up as the Doctor to give Hartnell a cheery nod, instead of Smith? (Or did I imagine that brief moment?)
Apparently so, yes! I remember Mark Gatiss saying back in 2013 that he'd written it with the intention that they'd drop in a shot of whoever the current Doctor was at the time, so it'll be lovely to see that finally happen :love:

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