Dua Lipa — Illusion + Radical Optimism

Both Houdini and Training Season have been almost there for me. Hoping the new one is the max moment I've been waiting for.
I read that it was the most Future Nostalgia adjacent and very pop forward. so much for MASSIVE ATTACK or whatever the fuck she was trying to frame this album
can't fucking wait :disco: one week


can’t wait for this, need some new music to cheer me up after my sugardaddy found my actual passport last night and ended it all
That sounds....somewhat ordinary.

Think I might prefer the first two singles.
Yes, I’m not instantly living for this snippet the way I did with Houdini and Training Season.
I've just listened to about six Massive Attack songs and I had to stop and do a double take because they all sounded so much like Dua Lipa. Mezzanine spiritual successor confirmed for RADICAL OPTIMISM.
Tracey Thorn found "distressed" after finding out Massive Attack has recruited Dua Lipa for a 2024 TikTok Sped Up + Reverb version of Protection :disco:
Beethoven shaking in his grave now that he knows Dua Lipa can do any genre so well
Portishead destroys all masters after Dula conquered the genre
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Tricky Kid revealed to be about Dua Lipa when she was 2
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AI intentionally shuts itself down when it realises neither current version nor any other future versions of it will be able to create music as complexe and advanced as Dula Peep’s latest tunes.
I’m sorry but this thread is actual Moopy Gold for me :D
Dua Lipa to EXCLUSIVELY reveal the contents of Hunter Bide’s laptop in the liner notes of new album

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