First & last ABBA records you bought


I Will Survive
Feb 18, 2023
Let’s honour all our Moopy faves this Christmas with physical sales and threads dedicated to them!
First: can’t remember honestly. Obvs grew up with abba but it was mostly my mums LPs. I’d say the first one I got for myself was probably ABBA Gold in 1992 on tape.

Last: Voyage in however many formats and variants ugh
First - not entirely sure; definitely One Of Us as a single when it was in the chart, but I think I probably bought one or two of the previous singles as ex-jukebox singles in the corner shop at the end of the road.

Last - the Abba In Bremen double vinyl and the 2023 Happy New Year 7".
I got ABBA Gold for Christmas as a kid. It was the first album I ever owned I think!

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