'Freedom' Day - Are you ready to start clubbing/gigging again?

Will you be going back to crowded events again? (Gigs, Nightclubs etc.)

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Feb 3, 2004
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This probably warrants its own thread. Let's try to avoid being judgemental though, it's obviously going to be a very divisive issue over the next few months.
Personally I don't really CLUB anyway at this late stage so it's not a huge issue for me.

Gig wise, I have Steps in the diary for November, but if that goes ahead I'll be long double jabbed and will definitely go. Would love to book a few more gigs but I'll probably hold off until the situation looks clearer.
I don't go to that many crowded things anyway, but I don't really mind. I've never been high up on the concerned scale.
I have a gig on Thursday and I’ve been double jabbed.
The dates are different, but I decided to go clubbing/gigging again when all adults here had easy access to the vaccine for 6 weeks (enough time for everyone's second shot to fully kick in)
I’m double jabbed so yes.
According to Instagram, most English people I know who aren't from Moopy have been in larger groups for the past few weeks/months anyway
Sure, what kind of wording would you suggest?
Something like "Yes but I'm not in a rush" which is basically where I'm at. I am not exactly keen on the idea of being close to people in a confined space, but I know it's only a matter of time, probably
Ignored the entire saga, no idea what difference it will make to my life other than hating on anyone who refuses to wear a mask in the supermarket.

looking forward to all the fights down in Asda on aisle 34!

Meanwhile Boris:

I've never been a big fan of crowds and the last year or so hasn't HELPED. I'm double vaxxed, but in no rush, more out of fear of PANIC ATTACKS than COVID :D I look forward to going for a bit of a boogie at some point in the not-too-close future though, if I can convince my friends that they are not, in fact, MIDDLE AGED.
I have a (fairly small) gig next Thursday and FEELING GLOOMY club on the 7th.
I am very comfortable sitting in theatres so that’s fine and I will be back as soon as possible. I have a handful of things already booked for August-October, with the first one due the week before my second jab.

As far as clubs and gigs etc. They were a rarity before 2020 anyway. It would have to be heavily planned. I am not looking forward to having to line up at bars again.
The guy who runs Feeling Gloomy has already said for his other nights that are back this weekend that people will have to show vaccination status and/or a recent negative test to get in, and masks are recommended but not compulsory.
Where is the "Yes but only to the rescheduled Chromatica Ball" option

actually I’m going to see Jessie Ware in December so I guess this is my closest option

can’t even imagine being in sweaty crowds right now but nothing is stopping me from attending that gig
I do have theatre tickets for next month however, and for Manchester Pride (if it goes ahead) :disco:
I'm not really putting a time scale on it because I hate crowds and go to a gay club about twice a year. But I'll probably wait till I'm out of my parents' house and by then I'll be double jabbed anyway. Though I'm not in England so it doesn't really apply.
And I've accidentally booked a surfing holiday on pride weekend so I don't need to worry about that either.
Not until the infection rate drops. I don't go clubbing and only to the occasional gig. I am excited to be able to go back to football and car shows (both things I enjoy, which are largely outdoors).
Maybe once my second jab has kicked in? And even then, it would have to be for something GOOD. Like the proper return of Eurofest at the RVT. :disco:

I'm a little torn between wanting to be sensible but also wanting to just go all out because another lockdown could become unavoidable. I'd be reassured by more research into the vaccines and their ability to protect against long COVID, which is the main thing i'm worried about.
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Too old for clubbing generally, unless it's in VR where I can pretend to be a 20something year old looking anthropomorphic dog-bunny.

Nearest thing would be beer festivals, and with jab 2 approaching 2 weeks bedded in, I'm keen... but not keen enough while rates are this high. Catching Covid would be a near-inevitability and although not dangerous after a couple of jabs it still sounds MISERABLE to go through.
I've been double-jabbed for a while now, so I have relaxed my attitude somewhat, but I still won't be rushing back to anything with large crowds while the prevalence of the virus is so high and plenty still haven't had the vaccine.

I think if something specific come along that I'd ordinarily really want to go to, I won't deprive myself of it, but certainly if we're just talking about regular socialising, I won't be suggesting anything that involves hordes of people.
Numbers are low here. That's good.
I'm double-vaxxed. That's good.

Clubs are still closed here, gigs are largely outdoors. So, it's not really an option yet anyways.

Numbers are going to rise again. That's not good.

Bottom line: wait and see-approach + waiting for my antibody test in late August / early September to make sure my antibodies are solid since I have a (marginally) bigger chance of not developing them well due to a somewhat chronically effed up immune system.
Not to downplay covid, but I don’t think that’s true at all, especially if you’re fully vaccinated
Vaccines are great, but not a magic covid-shield - better described as an 88% waterproof raincoat. If it's drizzling you should stay dry. If you go swimming in it, you'll probably still get wet...

Going clubbing with a huge crowd of heavy breathing, shouting and sweating people of an age group known to be the main driver of infections and largely unvaccinated, falls under "swimming" in my mind!
I've got loads of indoor stuff booked for October, a festival in a couple of weeks and then I'm throwing my own mini festival in August.

I'd love to be in a sweaty basement gurning my tits off right now, but as mentioned elsewhere, a young girl in my office has just got covid, and shes double jabbed. She's not seriously ill, just the fuzzy head symptoms, so the vaccine is certainly playing a role, which gives me confidence as I've had my second one today, but just going to leave it a few more weeks before I start licking other peoples armpits.
I'm definitely not doing anything nightlife related until two weeks after my second vaccination, so mid-August on.
I think if I had less weight on my shoulders I'd have been in a hole at 00:02 this morning, but I haven't really got the time for illness.

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