Geri Halliwell - Passion

Feal the fear, and do it anywaaayyyy

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Cheese and pickle?! Basic...
Jun 7, 2004

00 Passion
00 Desire
00 Love Never Loved Me
00 Feel The Fear
00 Superstar
00 Surrender Your Groove
00 Ride It (Single Version)
00 There's Always Tomorrow
00 Let Me Love You More
00 Don't Get Any Better
00 Loving Me Back To Life
00 So I Give Up On Love
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03 Passion
07 Desire
10 Love Never Loved Me
09 Feel The Fear
07 Superstar
08 Surrender Your Groove
09 Ride It (Single Version)
07 There's Always Tomorrow
10 Let Me Love You More
07 Don't Get Any Better
08 Loving Me Back To Life
03 So I Give Up On Love
Let me do my individual rate before I commit to an overall mark, it's such an important record - if she couldn't get it right, then I will.

04 Passion
07 Desire - as a flash of comedy I give it a 10, but all things considered, it's manageable, but not what she should have given us as single #2
10 Love Never Loved Me
09 Feel The Fear
10 Superstar - vintage Geru
08 Surrender Your Groove
10 Ride It (Single Version)
06 There's Always Tomorrow
10 Let Me Love You More
06 Don't Get Any Better
07 Loving Me Back To Life
05 So I Give Up On Love

10 100% Pure Love - one can dream.

The quality is more up and down than her meals. It goes without saying that the disco meltdown Love Never Loved Me is an avalanche of emotion, everything is dramatic, the verses, backing vocals, those gorgeous bridges and the thundering chorus. I don't really do the 11/10 thing, but this song is one of those - a remarkable offering from her.
I think I have listened to this album ONCE since I bought it so it will be like listening to it for the first time…

05 Passion – Geru trying to do a song from Chicago is a rather STRANGE opener for an album. I don’t MIND it but it’s hardly groundbreaking. Sort of reminds me of those old school ballads on Kylie’s Enjoy Yourself album. A rather FLAT start…
07 Desire - The song that basically KILLED Geru’s career isn’t actually THAT bad. I think it was more her TERRIBLE antics in the video really. Not QUITE single material but nice enough
11 Love Never Loved Me – Literally my FAVOURITE Geru song EVER. Everything about it is just :disco:, the dramatic intro, the heartbreaking lyrics, the dreamy backing vocals…. I will NEVER forgive her for not releasing this as a single. What was she thinking? If anyone gives this LESS than a TEN they are DEAD TO ME! :D
07 Feel The Fear – Geri has a LOT of these average ballads on her albums, doesn’t she? This one starts off dull, it does build nicely though, with the key change, but is that kiddie backing vocals? Hmmm…Overall, not bad.
05 Superstar – This all seems a little but KIDDIE POP, she seems too OLD to be singing lyrics like this. Not sure I like the production either on this, and the chorus isn’t all that.
06 Surrender Your Groove – You can definitely tell this is the same writers as Desire. It’s not quite as good, but it’s not terrible either. It doesn’t really go anywhere, sadly.
07 Ride It (Single Version) – It had been quite a while since we’d heard from Geru when this came out, and it was fabulous to hear from her again. I like this but I don’t LOVE it but it gains an extra point for the HILARUOUS but DREADFUL video! :D
07 There's Always Tomorrow – Geru tries her hand at lounge music, surprisingly, it’s rather nice, but the chorus is not really strong enough. Lovely backing vocals though and I’m a bit of a sucker for a guitar solo…
07 Let Me Love You More – Oh I like the intro to this. It’s a good follow on to the previous song, in a similar style. This would easily have fitted on Kym Marsh’s solo album. Nice effort.
08 Don't Get Any Better – The chorus to this is STRONG! I am surprised how much I liked this one
06 Loving Me Back To Life – My God, the NOX on this one! :D Another average Geri ballad that doesn’t really go anywhere, but isn’t bad enough to warrant any hate…
06 So I Give Up On Love – So we are back to the same style of music as the opening track and it sounds VERY familiar. Definitely could be in a musical somewhere, she sounds really happy on this one, and her voice sort of suits it. Though I don’t think she’d be able to sing LIVE on stage in a musical every night.

TOTAL SCORE is 82/120 which is 6.83/10 so that’s a final score of SEVEN for me. That IS rather generous. Apart from Love Never Loved Me, there’s not anything I’d really rush to listen to again in a hurry, but overall the album is nowhere near as bad as I had remembered.

The problem with this album is that it is very disjointed, each of the different producers had a different sound in mind. She would have been better working with just one or two instead of the SIX she worked with on this album…
3 out 10 and they're ALL for Love Never Loved Me and, to a lesser extent, Ride It.
To be fair, I am probably listening to this in bit of a LOON phase of the spices, but I truly don't think Passion is THAT bad. Of course, Love Never Loved Me boosts the score by quite a bit...
Half of it is actually a brilliant album, but her Etta James, Liza Minnelli and Billie Holliday THING took over.
It probably says more about the quality of the other 2 albums than anything, but it's easily her best album. There's still a fair helping of crap though of course. I love Ride It, Desire and Love Never Loved Me.
I agree it's her best album. There are some right stinkers, SorB is right that her 'jazz' asipirations took over which ruins it
For me, this album represents Geri at her very best and very worst in equal measure. It's a definite step forward from Scream, but it's SO uneven. The bad stuff is truly GHASTLY

05 Passion - What was she THINKING? :D
06 Desire - A truly embarassing end to a sporadically great solo career. That video of her miming it at some big concert show after it had already bombed makes me genuinely :( as she looks so pathetic and out of touch
11 Love Never Loved Me - the greatest song of her career. Most of Geri's great moments are triumphs of personality that couldn't possibly work in any other context than that of a ridiculous Geri Halliwell song, but this is a genuinely amazing track by ANY standard.
08 Feel The Fear - That rarest of things, a Geri ballad that actually WORKS.
04 Superstar - I just wanna rock your celebrityyyy :daf:
04 Surrender Your Groove - Cheap tat. This and Superstar sound like dashed-off demoes.
08 Ride It - A strong comeback song marred by a HIDEOUS video. Hasn't dated amazingly, but lest we forget this WAS a hit. Even got Radio 1 play.
06 Always Tomorrow - Inoffensive, but boring. Bunton could have pulled this off on her Free Me album, but easy listening was never a sound that worked for Geri. Sounds even more ridiculous straight after the gaudy Ride It
08 Let Me Love You More - Really nice. My only complaint is that the verses feel a bit demo-ish. But that chorus is lovely. I wonder how something like this would have been received as a (pre-Desire) single?
06 Don't Get Any Better - The chorus to this is quite good in a silly, cheesy singalong self-help book way. "This is IT, this is ME!" :D The verses are utterly horrendous though, and the whole thing is massively dated. Could've been on Schizophonic and sounded exactly the same.
05 Loving Me Back To Life - No thanks Geri.
01 So I Give Up On Love - I like how she insists on closing every album with something COMPLETELY BATSHIT, but there really is no excuse for this. "Names have been changed to protect the innocent, just in case this song's about YEEEEEEEW!" :zombie:
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08 Let Me Love You More - Really nice. My only complaint is that the verses feel a bit demo-ish. But that chorus is lovely. I wonder how something like this would have been received as a (pre-Desire) single?


I fall in love with her during those verses. She's so drunk on her perception of her own lyrical brilliance.
It sounds like something Dana International should release. It's THAT amazing.
07 Passion
Actually pretty good for this kind of schmoozy Bond-y style. Her voice sounds good but I could do without the growl in "PRIDE"
08 Feel The Fear

This album is really good, WTF? It's def better than Scream, so far anyway. Much less cheesy, I would never have known from the singles!
11 Love Never Loved Me
This fucks! Just what I like from Geri. It has a bit of Madonna Bedtime Stories era about it (kind of). Yes Geri!

HOW was this not the lead single?
Oh yes I remember this from the time, probably her best song FULL STOP
08 There's Always Tomorrow

Geri does bossa nova... It actually is quite nice! Background music, but doing it well. It goes a little interesting towards the end too.

Crickets Sing For Anamaria eat your heart out!
07.5 Let Me Love You More

Oh hello Born To Make You Happy backing track! It almost doesn't sound like Geri in the middle 8.

It's nice but something is a little bit missing here to make it really pop. Still very pleasant.
06.5 Don't Get Any Better

This is basically Kylie's indie era recylced isn't it? It's FINE. Her voice is quite unpleasant in the verses.

07 Passion
08 Desire
11 Love Never Loved Me
08 Feel The Fear
07 Superstar
06.5 Surrender Your Groove
07 Ride It (Single Version)
08 There's Always Tomorrow
07.5 Let Me Love You More
06.5 Don't Get Any Better
08 Loving Me Back To Life
04 So I Give up on Love

Average: 7.3. Much better than I'd expected!!

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