Also - and it’s been said before - that voice just doesn’t work in a solo context
you're so right! she has a lovely voice but it's definitely not commercial hmm "less is more" so to speak? or sing? i've listened to a few steps songs and they're not for me it's not the same energy GA give me
Reunited yesterday at a wedding -

It's hard to believe that it's already been 2 years since Sarah passed.
… Actually just looked at her instagram stories and it was Together Again and Arms Around the World.

Also, noted Heavy Love fan EVE was there as well. What a world!
That wedding was evidently some well-connected media gay. Louise was also there and sang two numbers! (Noted wedding classics Stretch and Naked, I imagine)
Yeah it was Simon Jones who’s a big pop PR guy

He married a prolific twitter gay who people might remember, @IncrediblyRich
Cheryl, Nadine, Kimberley and Nicola’s companies are all connected to a new company called Let’s Go Eskimo 👀
Cheryl and Kimberley celebrated Nicola’s birthday last night - Nadine has been in Cannes with Skin Generics at an awards ceremony so I assume that’s why she wasn’t there
Also they don't like her
Not true. They may have had disagreements but they have love for each other, they went through a lot together over the years. Sarah’s death and illness definitely brought them all closer, hence why they have all been together more recently.
Living for this

I like the reports they have filmed the video and are dressed as Wonder Woman. I feel like we have got half a receipt and this is happening.

Standing at the TEN TOUR was probably one of my best ever
Nicola meeting up with a former GA stylist, Nadine saying to fans she doesn’t know what they’re talking about at live events she’s been performing at (in a joking way) 👀 so excited!
Not to be a party pooper but I’m already at the punchline here

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