Have you had Coronavirus?

Have you had coronavirus?

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My PCR came back negative as well! At least SOME mopsy queens remain disease free! :disco: (Covid, at least :eyes: )

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Self-isolation reduced to 7 DAYS if you can produce negative LFTs on the last two days :shock:
Do any moopers OUTSIDE of London currently have it?
Nope despite working in a school. We’ve only had 5 cases - all children - in the last month which is pretty good going.

Supposed to be going to London (by train!!) to see family on 28th but I reckon we’ll be locked down by then.
This feels a bit unfair; has everyone had access to get the third jab?

I still can’t take my booster because not enough time has passed since my second jab (in july).
Not sure, what the 'expiry' date is here but I think it’s 4 months, so a recent second jab is still accepted.
I’ve got it again after returning from a shit ski holiday in France 🙄

10 weeks apart. I really hope it’s not as bad as last time becasue that just went on and on🤞🏻

I hear of more and more people getting it just a few weeks apart. Can only assume the Omicron variant is different enough to allow you to catch it again even with some antibodies

Everyone seems to get it mild though when they've had it before 🤞🏻
I think I may have it, waiting for some LFTs which should hopefully arrive tomorrow :evil:

At least I might be able to get out of work next weekend :disco:
Were you able to get an answer?
Were you able to get an answer?
Still waiting for them to arrive! Might just see if I can go and get a PCR test instead..

My parents both have it (and I was back home last week) so I’d be surprised if I wasn’t positive.

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