Holla holla holla holla come on holla holla holla holla holla come on

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I hope you're referring to the album version of Thank God I Found You

I am. The remix was an 11/10 while the one featuring 98 Degrees was a big fat SEVEN, but I've learned to tolerate it with time.
:( I take this as more a dig towards the very good Jam & Lewis and not the Spice Girls whom I believe had very little to contribute to the song.
It is as tuneless as Janet''s Everytime and Mariah's Thank God I Found You, both by J&L too.
OMG such shocking slurs. Never knew @PIPPO so evil. SPICE co-wrote all songs!!!5;;(67789)/:&£!!!!
What, may I ask, was the thinking behind the Forever “cover art”? Mel C looks like Bette Midler after an ill-fated do and downpour and Bambi Bumtown looks like some sort of grown up version of JonBenét Ramsey with her bum perched for humping. I know it was Terry Richardson (who of course specialised in grime and filth) but WHY DID ANYONE THINK IT LOOKED GOOD?
Might I interest you in the Saudi Arabian version?

Honestly it really is a Richardson through and through on a number of seamy and questionable levels but I repeat: WHY ON EARTH?
The exquisitely bewigged Emma bending all the way forward AGAIN like she’s desperately trying to curl out a toughie OR inviting some XXX back door action
I am. The remix was an 11/10 while the one featuring 98 Degrees was a big fat SEVEN, but I've learned to tolerate it with time.

I’ve never understood that. The remix is tuneless and boring, the original is sweet and melancholic. 11/10. :)
God I love this, it's such a 10 and should never, ever have worked on paper. It feels *just* Spicey enough to be them and not just jumping on the Darkchild train, but equally it wouldn't have shamed any of the big hitters at the time using that sound. A hit is a hit.

I remember being so happy it made number one. Everything seemed against them and this convinced me the appetite was still there. And then Forever happened and they died.
I know she was having a hard time, but Mel C really comes out of the Forever era AWFULLY in that book.
The quote from her at the top of the first page about Westlife etc. is hysterically bitter and SO RUDE
I agree with her on it all, but it’s not like the same thing couldn’t be said about her own and the group’s music. :D
Queen of blackface?


(Sorry I know the conversation moved on but I couldn’t let it go)

What were she even thinking? :D And I don’t even mean just the black face thing (a concept she wouldn’t even have been aware of).

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