How has COVID-19 impacted your views on...


Feb 8, 2005
n/a is a perfectly good answer

Boris Johnson
Donald Trump
The EU
Plane travel and mass tourism
The environment
Your primary mode of transport
Working from home
Your family
Your romantic relationships
Going out (bars, clubs, resturants)
The internet
Your body
Capitalism - she needs a reset
Socialism - it's good in times in crisis
Boris Johnson - even more useless than I had imagined
Donald Trump - reinforced my view that he is able to navigate and survive anything. I would put a fair amount of money on his being re-elected.
The EU - she needs to get her act together to help out Spain and Italy. Stingy Germans and Dutch stereotypes panning out just as expected.
China - liars, but let's not start World War III
Plane travel and mass tourism - it was excessive in retrospect; the impact on the skies and air quality has been quite remarkable
The environment - we need not to revert to business-as-usual after lockdown ends, if only to hold onto some of the environmental "gains" (electric shock treatment) that we have made
Your primary mode of transport - I haven't done anything but use my feet for 5 weeks. In addition to walking, I plan to use (electric) bikes / scooters principally when lockdown is lifted.
Working from home - I have always partially worked from home, but I have been at it full-on for 5-6 weeks, and I miss the interactions / stimulation that come from physical meetings. However, I don't miss the time wasted.
Unemployment - not currently affecting me, but a spectre that haunts and will do so for a while
Your family - I speak to them more often than before, despite the fact that we have less to tell eacch other
Your romantic relationships - my BF and I have coped remarkably well. I would say we are becoming less tolerant of one another in the last week or so, but we have also developed a way to bounce back from annoyance much faster.
Going out (bars, clubs, resturants) - I don't miss it TBH. I live on a busy nightlife street, so the lack of noise from bars and clubs is quite a relief.
Sex - probably have a reduced appetite for sex, due to working out less, which I guess was generating more testosterone
The internet - a lifeline; imagine if this had happened when we only had dial-up
Gays - many seem more damaged and desperate than I had previously realised; why has Lady Gaga not released Chromatica to save us?
Your body - I miss working out a lot; I hurt my back as the lockdown started, but in last few weeks, I have tried to fix myself to a running / home workout regime as much as possible. But somehow it's been a good reality check to see that you don't DIE just because you don't go to the gym for a few weeks.
Capitalism - not really, but it has showed it’s utmost limitations. I’m not sure I would have wanted it any other way.

Socialism - a certain amount of it is necessary, and it is now more evident than ever. Socialist capitalism the way we do it in Scandinavia is the way to go.

Boris Johnson - No.

Donald Trump - No. He’s the wrong man at the wrong time.

The EU - No, yet another crisis showing the importance of a more integrated union. Sadly, this could be the end of it because the national states can’t seem to agree on vital things when it’s really needed. And, yes, trillions need to be pumped in the economies of the south. This shouldn’t even be a question.

China - This crisis has accelerated the fall of the West and will catapult China to even higher heighs.

Plane travel and mass tourism - If anything, Corona showed us how important travelling and tourism is. I certainly won’t change my travelling habits post-Corona.

The environment - No.

Your primary mode of transport - No, always public transport or bicycle.

Working from home - I used to do it a lot before too, now I’m getting used to not being in the office, at the same time I miss having proper routine. I don’t think much will change once we go back to normal.

Unemployment - Thousands will be out of job and I think the Government should do everything to help them getting their jobs back and compensating them.

Your family - Love them but I want to stop worrying about them.

Your romantic relationships - I’m so glad I have none of it right now.

Going out (bars, clubs, resturants) - God, I miss it!

Sex - My sexdrive is higher than it’s been for ages.

The internet - What would we have done without it?

Gays - No.

Your body - I’m working harder on it
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Capitalism - it's served a (very important) purpose but i think we need a paradigm shift immediately
Socialism - i live in a ex-communist state so my perspective is burdened for good or bad but i believe income inequality is one of the major problems globally
Boris Johnson - i didn't secretly want him to die of coronavirus before
Donald Trump - see above
The EU - it is once again, sadly, failing in a time of crisis. it needs to change structurally. i believe in the need for global leadership.
China - opinion hasn't changed.
Plane travel and mass tourism - i think travel and tourism was getting out of hand. i've caught planes to go to a concert for a night. ridiculous.
The environment - should be our number 1 priority.
Your primary mode of transport - still walking
Working from home - i'm all for it though i worry about social isolation
Unemployment - i'm not crazy about a culture that glorifies making money at the best of times. it's been surreal to see my results-oriented friends (mostly in it) bemoan their "lack of productivity". the question is what are we producing and to what end? so much of what (and why) we do/create/produce is hollow.
Your family - i wish i knew more about my parents.
Your romantic relationships - in no way.
Going out (bars, clubs, resturants) - in no way.
Sex - in no way.
The internet - in no way.
Gays - in no way. we're all mostly as vapid and clueless as everyone else.
Your body - in no way.

Friends - something i've been feeling for a while, that covid has enforced, is that a lot of my closest friends are not present. i don't need to share my space with people who are in constant fomo mode, on their phones. communication has become shallow. i would rather be alone.
Capitalism - markets go up, markets go down. Nothing will change here, although it has hastened the death of a few companies who were destined to go that way anyway.
Socialism - No change in opinion. A socialist society is the best we can hope for but will never get
Boris Johnson - Still a cunt. Now a cunt who didn't die.
Donald Trump - No words. But no change in opinion, either.
The EU - Still fantastic. Get us back in please.
China - Did what China does. Heavy state intervention sometimes works.
Plane travel and mass tourism - No change. We'll go back to this soon enough.
The environment - I can't say I've noticed a positive change, but apparently there has been. This seems nice.
Your primary mode of transport - I bike. I will continue to bike.
Working from home - gets a bit boring after a while. Really need an external monitor.
Unemployment - n/a
Your family - Would love to see my parents again. But other than that, no change.
Your romantic relationships - live with my wife. No change.
Going out (bars, clubs, resturants) - I will probably go out more, for a bit, when this is over.
Sex - no change
The internet - Still remains amazing. Now it's amazing and a saviour.
Gays - Never heard of such a thing.
Your body - i'd normally start summer biking around now anyway, but had a bit more time to do a bit more. When back at work it'll be back to normal.
Capitalism - Lockdown would need to continue for 5 years before people begin to stop being so dependent on capitalism.
Socialism - It's moment to shine, but isn't really shinning yet. At least the NHS wont get fucked in the arse now.
Boris Johnson - Still a cunt.
Donald Trump - Still a mentally unstable cunt.
The EU - Forgotten all about this bitch, look forward to its comeback single
China - Don't really buy into the whole CHINA IS EVIL stuff but don't think its a wonderful place either.
Plane travel and mass tourism - Missing the revenue from the latter but enjoying the environmental impact of less of the former. Kind of want planes to be much rarer thing and buy a camper for summer long road trips. RIP Ibiza though.
The environment - <3 - we can see now the benefits of looking after it, the evidence is there. But we'll probably go back to raping it.
Your primary mode of transport - I've probably forgotten how to drive. I watched a program on classic cars last night and it seemed a bit foreign. Still getting a porsche though.
Working from home - Been doing it years, its better when I have a wife bringing me lunch and coffee. I had just moved into a new office in the city before all this. Lol.
Unemployment - I really really really hope we start seriously considering a universal basic income. It would be a great advancement to society if we could do it and it stick for 5+ years. Sure some people would just spend it on smack but in time it would be a huge move. Won't happen though.
Your family - Felt a bit like the old days having them around all the time, just saw Ron Jr climb the fence to see what the kids next door are doing and my heart broke a little for him. Must be hard being a sociable single child at this time.
Your romantic relationships - Glad I like the person I'm locked down with. Shes a weirdo but we're never bored.
Going out (bars, clubs, restaurants) - I miss this a lot, I'm gasping for a Guinness and stick floor
Sex - Still getting it.
The internet - Imagine this but with rotary phones and VHS. Jesus.
Gays - Still gay
Your body - Got a bit podgy at the start, back on the daily HIIT, getting toned again.
Capitalism - DEAD and quite right too.
Socialism - not an appropriate answer, extremes rarely serve the majority - an understanding that the desire to hoard wealth in its billions is a pathology would serve us better
Boris Johnson - no change, always a fucking car crash of a human
Donald Trump - no change, always a fucking car crash of a subhuman
The EU - still badly flawed, still abuses its power, still an improvement on splendid isolation
China - no real change - always smarter than they were portrayed than the racist Western media
Plane travel and mass tourism - had reached the very edge of sustainability, was due a reset
The environment - proves that the old "normal" wasn't normal and can't be returned to.
Your primary mode of transport - I am not getting into a speeding metal germ carriage any time soon (this is the Glasgow Subway, btw)
Working from home - haven't been able to, feel a bit put out at how some of the decisions have been made on that
Unemployment - it's awful. I tried it, wouldn't want to do it again - it's boring and you have no money, what's the appeal?
Your family - no change - my family are spread over the globe anyway
Your romantic relationships - n/a
Going out (bars, clubs, resturants) - I had a bunch of gigs put in that got cancelled or shifted and that makes me rather sad. The musical ecology I live within needs a live circuit and will die without it
Sex - no thanks, busy
The internet - must now be considered a basic utility alongside electricity and water - Corbyn's nationalisation plan was a year too early.
Gays - Some of the Eurovision rewatch hysteria has been hilarious so thanks gays.
Your body - still repulsive
Capitalism is killing the planet, is killing the poor, and now wants to kill your nan so some graphs look better for the confidence tricksters on Wall Street.
Socialism. I'm a socialist anyway. Maybe this'll be the thing to tip me into FULL BLOWN COMMUNISM.
Boris Johnson is a work-shy cunt.
Donald Trump is thick as shit.
The EU. Same opinion as ever. Health doesn't really fall under its remit afaik, but that doesn't stop the #fbpe folks thinking it's the answer to every question.
China. Fucked up big time, but so have we. Slightly disturbed by how the WHO is so in their pocket.
Plane travel and mass tourism. N/A
The environment. The angry geese have taken over Manchester City centre. The Earth is healing. Maybe we're the virus. Like and share if you agree.
Your primary mode of transport. I'm pretty sure the tram gave me coronavirus. Still gonna use it.
Working from home. I need human contact but I hope working remotely is treated as a more viable option for those who prefer it.
Your family. N/A
Your romantic relationships. N/A
Going out (bars, clubs, resturants). I miss it.
Sex. This whole 'killer disease comes out of nowhere and kills millions' thing makes me glad everyone learned the lessons of the past and practises safe sex :) Condoms for handjobs from now on lads.
The internet. Probably needs better moderation before WhatsApp chain mail kills society.
Gays. N/A
Your body. I am more aware of how my poor diet and sedentary lifestyle has made me a bit chonky. I'd like to get in better shape. I probably won't bother, and that's fine.
Capitalism - that the poor are fucked and fucked over by everything and this is another clear example of it
Socialism - that we need to fund our public services better - and that apparently we magically do have that money to do so when we need it... but too late. We already knew this but now the stark reality is glaring us in the face
Boris Johnson - no change. He was a moron. He's not a recovered COVID patient moron that makes the public apparently warm to him more.
Donald Trump - I am always astonished that with every new crisis he gets even worse than the last. He is mental. This is no change.
The EU - no change. I still want to be part of them and I want to be like Germany with the higher levels of testing
China - I guess I didn't have a strong opinion about them before and now I have slight concerns about their reporting and honesty.
Plane travel and mass tourism - Um... unpopular opinion. This has made me want to get on more planes ASAP.
The environment - the facts that have come out about decreased pollution have been pretty shocking. But I still think even if this pandemic lasted 50 years, it's probably too late for certain parts of the world to reduce emissions enough
Your primary mode of transport - I miss it more than I ever thought I would (the tube). I hope that when this is all over the numbers on it will permanently reduce by 10-20% though as I think it's totally possible and would help everyone out greatly.
Working from home - I despise it. It's made me realise just how terrible I am at self-motivation (I should be working right now!). But I think it's probably a massively positive thing that some people should stay doing after this is over.
Unemployment - I mean my opinion hasn't changed... it's shit. But I'm more aware of it because many members of my family are in potentially job-losing situations now.
Your family - The biggest change. I used to dread family meet-ups but we've now missed a few birthdays and I miss my family terribly. My dad now signs off phone calls with 'I love you' - something he has NEVER done in 37 years and that has been a very weird feeling for me.
Your romantic relationships - I've been single for a while now and I'd actually been in a place where I felt completely comfortable with it, but this has made me feel incredibly lonely - I've not seen anyone except shop assistants and delivery drivers for 5 weeks and counting tomorrow (luckily I'm going into school tomorrow so that breaks that drought, but I can't wait). In terms of romantic relationships, it's oddly opened me up to talking to people MUCH further afield... I've been 'online dating' a guy that is 5000 miles away in Texas for the last few weeks and it's really lovely - I mean likelihood of it going anywhere I guess is close to zero, but at this current stage it doesn't matter if he's 5 miles away or 5000 miles away!
Going out (bars, clubs, resturants) - I wish I'd done it more in the months preceding this! I miss this a lot too!
Sex - I MISS THIS A LOT. I now want to have sex all the fricking time. :D
The internet - I mean it's proven itself to be super handy and lovely for seeing friends and family still, but I also kinda resent it because I'm so tired of looking at a screen all the time.
Gays - No change at alll..?!
Your body - Oddly I've been a bit more aware of it and trying to do some exercises to improve it which I didn't before.
Capitalism - I fear the damage that's been done to it is irreversible, but they'll still try to fix it.
Socialism - Currently the main political fixture. No one calls it that, but it's happening.
Boris Johnson - I think Boris' mass manipulation is such a huge national threat.
Donald Trump - I think even LESS of Trump than I did before. Agog that it's been possible.
The EU - Miss u hun. Sorry we've been ignoring your messages.
China - This really is their opportunity.
Plane travel and mass tourism - As someone who travels relatively little, I really want to go to Italy.
The environment - Amazing how quick it fixes itself
Your primary mode of transport - Well everyone's a fucking walker now.
Working from home - If Mr Ag and the neighbours weren't here I'd love it.
Unemployment - Horribly inevitable
Your family - I miss them. Relationship with brother has improved.
Your romantic relationships - Possibly improved. Has been remarkably resilient
Going out (bars, clubs, resturants) - I MISS BEER GARDENS AND RESTAURANTS THE MOST
Sex - better than ever
The internet - mental saviour/ destroyer
Gays - what do you think of my new jockstrap?
Your body - nothing changes. Leg game is strong mind.

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