Iguana and Soldi LEAVE (Will of the people)

Iguana and Soldi LEAVE (Will of the people)

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Who is SHE though?
Apr 25, 2020
San Marino
Moopy has spoken, and it wants a referendum.

Our server change enabled GIFs to be uploaded as avatars. This annoyed many who have been anti-GIF for years, but more pressingly, some people have complained about them making them feel uncomfortable and motion sick.

Others though, finally feel able to express themselves with the full power of 2002 internet technology. A footballer is even hotter when in motion, after all.

We cannot please everyone, as much as we would like to. The forum software and it's add-ons do not allow individuals to choose to see GIFs or not, so we need to apply a decision Moopy-wide.

Should GIF avatars LEAVE or REMAIN?
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Close the poll, Moopy has spoken!
For me it depends on how intentionally and pointlessly grating they are and I'm afraid that a certain poster appears to gain something from being intentionally and pointlessly grating - thus spoiling GIF AVATAR FUN for everyone else - so I vote GET RID
I have put on ignore someone I really like today because I can't block his avatar on mobile and it gives me a headache, for real. Please get rid and we can be friends again :)
Look, gifs arent my favourite thing when they are overused but in moderation, and largely contained to the sort of shit topics I dont go into, I am fine with them. Its just the onslaught of them being repeated multiples time on a page I think is a bit shit.
I think they should remain, but if a particular one is making people motion sick, the polite thing to do would be to change it.
I wasn't getting motion sickness personally, but that same thing you get when you stare into a light bulb. Other than that one, I do find them a little irritating, but i feel that's for me to get over rather than banning them.
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I was a non-voter but if the remain campaign is being fronted (and not bottomed) by a footballer its gotta be leave.
It is most ODD that CERTAIN people who post 50,000 GIFs a day have a problem with people having GIF avatars :eyes:
Anyone is welcome to start their own thread dedicated to ugly footballer gifs :)

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