Irma Vep (Alicia Vikander for Oliver Assayas on HBO)


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Oct 27, 2007
in my dreams
is anybody watching this?

there's so much i want to say about it. about a Hollywood actress who makes a series for French TV which is a remake of a silent movie and a 90s movie. it's obviously extremely meta, but not at all in an irritating way. Assayas has resurrected this cult film of his from 1996 (that was in itself a bit of a cult classic) and made it an 8-part limited series, which seems so unlikely but we're three episodes in and it just gets better and better. it's so funny, Vikander in the lead role has this really unexpected and playful physicality to her performance that's kind of electric.

it's proper must-see television in its own low-key way, and I think a lot of Moopy would quite enjoy it! (it's on HBO Max weekly)


Oct 30, 2004
I love it! The premises might not sound too exciting but so far it’s been a delight to watch. The cast is great and I especially love the costume designer. The director is a sweetheart I wonder if he will survive this mess.

Alicia is such a star. I’m jealous of her lack of any Swedish accent (at least I can’t hear it).

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