Janet Jackson General 2023

I kinda wanna go but I also don’t wanna pay £160 to see Janet Jackson…

It feels a lot... but she's one of the few remaining favourite acts (still alive) of mine that I've not seen. So it feels like now or never regardless of price!
They are decent seats for that price, I don’t think it’s unreasonable at all given what the likes of Olivia Rodrigo charge
I saw her in 2018 for the State Of The World Tour and it was a fun show. She kept sweating buckets and and saying how hot it was. It’s like yeah hun you came to the South in swamp ass July and wore multiple layers for an outside arena show :D
I'm so glad I'm not the only who uses the phrase "swamp ass". And to say it about Janet is the cherry on top.

The definition of swamp ass :rolleyes:
FFS, there was no notice of that anywhere and I have O2 Priority. The seats aren’t brilliant from what I can see so day think it would be best to wait until Friday?
Live Nation presale tomorrow at 9am - just need an account
The Co-op Live presale for the new Manchester arena doesn’t look like it’s shifted much of any tickets but the whole situation with the venue has been an entire shit show it doesn’t surprise me at all that people don’t want to buy for there
FFS, there was no notice of that anywhere and I have O2 Priority. The seats aren’t brilliant from what I can see so day think it would be best to wait until Friday?
Tbh I never normally get decent tickets on O2 priority pre sale. Was amazed they had any floor tickets at all. I reckon you stand a good chance of getting decent seats in the maim sale on Friday or Live Nation tomorrow.
I am so embarrassed. I went for the Platinum package to secure A block seats. I couldn’t risk it. I spend more than that in a month on theatre tickets in general anyway and unlike US fans, this is literally once in a lifetime for me.
Are you really expecting high ticket sales?

This is the woman who got pregnant so she could cancel her poorly sold tour the last time.
Well I am VERY glad I did what I did yesterday. The only seats on offer when I logged on at 9am were upper level, and the only “Premium” seats were those ones in the VIP lounges and upper deck suite things.
I saw some OK ish seats on the floor at £150 on ticketmaster an hour ago

I was tempted, but then I remembered I am not keen on her live. I'll watch her dancing and whispering on youtube.
Oddly some really great seats have popped up on AXS.com for Janet’s O2 date this morning for standard price. Lots at the back of Block A2 and a tonne in blocks 101 & 102.
DON'T HAVE A GO AT ME ABOUT THESE ACCOUNTS but maybe Black Diamond is coming

:D the same insider who prophecised Dua's LABEL CRUNCH MEETINGS? forgive me if I don't bite.

not least because we are NEVER hearing Black Diamond - that shit's been flushed!
popstars having songs/albums called Black/White Diamond is a curse.
My Janft album trajectory has changed a LOT over the years as I discovered her deeper work in retrospect, but she's now one of the few 80s/90s icons where I now prefer her 80s work over her 90s work overall (like most people I suppose; I go against the grain with Madonna/Prince/MJ/Whitney/George). janet is still my favourite, but Control and Rhythm Nation are CLASSIC albums and way above everything else. Those 2 80s albums alone are a fantastic Greatest Hits...


1. janet
2. Control
3. Rhythm Nation
4. The Velvet Rope
5. Discipline
6. Damita Jo
7. 20YO
8. Unbreakable
9. All For You

Don't know the early ones.
I kinda wonder if she doesn't want to release music at all anymore and just focus on cementing her legacy and touring. this upcoming tour minus any unforeseen jancellations could do more for her than new music if it's selling well.

on the other hand I DO think her fanbase is sizeable and hungry for new music so why not just put it out? how old is her kid now?
I mean Made For Now didn’t cause much excitement (though I loved the song) but I think if she got some good writers she could have a decent album emerge.
1. janet.
2. The Velvet Rope
3. Control
4. Rhythm Nation
5. Damita Jo
6. Discipline
7. All For You
8. Unbreakable
9. 20YO

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